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Friday, July 19, 2024

Advanced Sterilization Products - Protecting Patients During Their Most Critical Moments

The current pandemic places the healthcare system and its people under extreme pressure. Now more than ever, medical facilities and devices must maintain stringent sterilization protocols.

When facilities and operators are overwhelmed, there is a growing risk that medical professionals might skip or forget the critical steps necessary for complete and rigorous sterilization.

This elevated risk is exacerbated by the fact that professionals might not have the appropriate resources to establish the proper sterilization protocols. Advanced Sterilization Products (ASP) offers cutting-edge solutions for terminal sterilization and top-notch disinfection in a range of sustainable solutions with shorter turnaround times.

ASP is owned by Fortive, a diverse global team of industrial technology innovators working together to deliver crucial technology that makes the world stronger, safer, and smarter. Fortive’s essential technology accelerates transformation across various applications, including environmental, health and safety compliance, industrial condition monitoring, next-generation product design, and healthcare safety solutions.

“ASP has one mission. To provide innovative healthcare products and solutions to protect patients and healthcare professionals during their most critical moments and keep them safe.” explains Nilesh Shah, VP/GM Global Commercial. 

Advanced Sterilization Products is a global leader in infection prevention solutions for healthcare. With advanced products, technologies, and workflows for medical sterilization and disinfection, ASP is dedicated to defending the lives of patients, families, healthcare workers, providers, and communities.

ASP created the first hydrogen peroxide Terminal Sterilization system, STERRADTM, and developed High-Level Disinfection products such as CIDEXTM OPA, AEROFLEXTM, and Low-Level Disinfectant, PRESEPTTM, amongst others. These solutions offer the assurance healthcare professionals need as they protect patients during their most critical moments.

Sterilization offers a critical margin of safety to device reprocessing, as conventional high-temperature methods such as steam are not suitable for all devices. The materials that comprise some advanced surgical instruments and their complex design necessitate low-temperature sterilization (LTS) to maintain device integrity.

The STERRADTM by Advanced Sterilization Products (ASP) exploits the synergism between hydrogen peroxide and low-temperature gas plasma (an excited or ionized gas) to destroy microorganisms rapidly. After the sterilization process based on this technology, toxic residues are immensely reduced on the sterilized items.

STERRAD Sterilization Systems enable faster instrument turnover, as they do not require lengthy aeration and offer a rapid sterilization cycle of between 24 and 60 minutes, saving time and increasing efficiency. This means that instruments can be re-used much sooner, alleviating the costs of holding many instrument sets in inventory.

STERRAD Sterilization Systems rapidly and safely sterilize medical devices and materials, significantly reducing exposure for users and patients and avoiding unnecessary health risks. STERRAD utilizes a combination of non-carcinogenic H2O2 and gas plasma which eliminates H2O2 residues to leave only water and oxygen.

Hydrogen peroxide breaks down to water, resulting in no toxic emissions or byproducts. Therefore, STERRAD avoids the need for expensive abatement systems and adherence to strict regulatory guidelines associated with preventing and detecting exposure, such as for EtO and FO.

The company’s STERRAD Sterility Guide (SSG) is an easy-to-use, first-of-its-kind online tool designed to provide STERRADT System customers with an up-to-date list of devices that fall within STERRAD Systems claims for sterility. The SSG is an easy-to-use online tool that globally bridges the device manufacturer and central sterile departments. It has been a reference database of devices that meets STERRAD System claims and a trusted resource of up-to-date sterilization information for more than a decade.

Founded in 1986, ASP has a prominent global presence and serves thousands of medical facilities worldwide. The company has a long history of innovation in High-Level Disinfection and Low-Temperature Sterilization. ASP developed and introduced CIDEXOPA to the market over 20 years ago and has since created the first hydrogen peroxide terminal sterilization system – the company’s signature product STERRAD.

Today, ASP is dedicated to defending the lives of patients, families, healthcare workers, providers, and communities. With a growing base and increased sales force productivity, ASP is also working on its global expansion with next-generation products and connected workflow solutions.

Advanced Sterilization Products

Nilesh Shah
Vice President, General Manager, Global Commercial



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