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Friday, June 21, 2024

AMC Health - Virtual Healthcare: Bottomline and Healthy Services

AMC Health addresses the need for improved healthcare cost-effectively and virtually. With the AMCare At Home Mobile App, AMC Health makes remote patient monitoring more accessible and more entertaining. Patients may view and track real-time vital records, reports, trends, and more with physicians and clinicians on their own mobile devices. At AMC Health, they transform healthcare from a reactive, episodic paradigm to a proactive, real-time delivery model that improves effectiveness, saves time and money, encourages patient participation, and improves results. AMC genuinely make healthcare a more personal and enjoyable experience for everyone involved by using virtual technologies.

Patients can get care through AMC Health Telehealth Care and Remote Patient Monitoring services in the comfort of their own homes. Patients receive virtual care that is truly personalized, and they may monitor the treatments and development with proactive efficiency. Virtual care provides a glimpse into chronically sick members’ lives and pinpoints who will benefit from telehealth and remote services. By recognizing difficulties early and intervening before they become significant, AMC Health engages members to promote healthier behaviours, inspire better living, and assure compliance. AMC provides a 360-degree view of patient data intelligence, leading to increased performance and a better bottom line. “We are honored to be recognized in telehealth delivery this year,” says Nesim Bildirici, founder and CEO of AMC Health. “In the constantly evolving healthcare environment, remote patient monitoring continues to be an important piece to the value-based care conversation. Our recognition from Business.com further validates our strategy and approach of using technology to transform healthcare, and highlights the continued momentum driving the remote patient monitoring industry.”

Furthermore, AMC Health Telehealth Care and Remote Patient Monitoring programs allows to extend care to patients in the comfort of their own homes. On a deeper note, AMC aims to ensure that they receive virtual care with a genuinely personal touch. Healthcare facilities will also be able to manage treatments and progress with proactive efficiency and avail measurable returns, not overextend teams.

Owing to AMC’s algorithm-driven platform, clinicians can offer more timely and effective treatment, which has resulted in significant, demonstrable improvements in clinical outcomes and client ROI. AMC’s sophisticated analytics enable them to be the finest resource for their customers. Clinically proven with the broadest range of peer-reviewed studies covering heart failure, diabetes, reduction in hospital readmissions, and hypertension, the solutions are customizable and scale-ready. AMC’s proprietary solution includes over 200 Bluetooth devices that connect flawlessly across all chronic care needs and integrate with their CareConsole platform. It captures incoming biometric, patient-reported, and clinician-reported results to facilitate intimate communication and care management for a diverse patient population.

AMC Health provides end-to-end important clinical, business information, and logistical services for a unique and complete approach to patient care. Furthermore, comprehensive logistics and help desk assistance for shipping, cleaning, and inventorying peripherals ensures that they deliver to patients on time. AMC Health provides advanced yet simple-to-use technology to better serve patients’ requirements, lifestyles, and degree of familiarity with technology. Customizable (ala carte) solutions for patients assist clinicians in delivering what a patient need, resulting in increased compliance. AMC collects biometric and self-reported data from patients remotely, comprehensively and seamlessly. AMC Health provides a compelling connection to patients, from simple yet effective Interactive Voice Response (IVR) products to an engaging mobile tablet delivering video.

Today AMC Health is proud to serve the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Through its partnership with 1Vision, the company extend telehealth services to millions who have served in the name of freedom. The company also serves a variety of other industries and some of the leading healthcare facilities as well.

Heart failure, often known as congestive heart failure (CHF), is a severe ailment. Doctors will be able to more regularly monitor the disease, notice new developments and significant changes in the patient’s state, update care and programmes, recommend behavioural adjustments if AMC virtual Health services are made available to patients. Diabetes affects more than 30 million people in the United States. This equates to 30% of the total population. Because of AMC’s remote monitoring devices and regularly scheduled telehealth consultations, clinicians can control the condition considerably more quickly and affordably. More significantly, they make diabetes management much easier for patients. AMC Health is the outcome of a personal passion project that has yielded substantial new possibilities for chronic patients, and it was founded to make a difference. AMC Health is proud to be at the cutting edge of remote healthcare innovation today.

“In the constantly evolving healthcare environment, remote patient monitoring continues to be an important piece to the value-based care conversation.”

AMC Health

Founder and CEO


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