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Friday, June 21, 2024

AseptiScope - Infection prevention made simple with AseptiScope

Infection protection is a critical aspect of healthcare that is essential for both patients and clinicians. It refers to the measures that healthcare providers and institutions take to prevent the spread of infectious diseases in healthcare settings. In today’s society, the importance of infection protection cannot be overstated, and it has far-reaching consequences for the health and well-being of individuals and communities.

From the perspective of patients, infection protection is important because it helps ensure their safety while receiving medical treatment. Patients are often vulnerable and susceptible to infections, particularly when undergoing medical procedures or treatments involving invasive devices or exposure to contaminated surfaces. Infection protection measures help to minimize this risk and ensure that patients receive the care they need without putting their health at further risk. AseptiScope Inc., an innovative medical device company guided by market-driven science was founded in 2016 by clinical market experts and leading clinicians.  With a mission to enhance the safety of patients and healthcare professionals, AseptiScope creates innovative solutions that make a real impact on the fight against infections. The company’s products are designed to be effective, easy to use, and cost-efficient, making them accessible to healthcare facilities of all sizes. Whether you’re looking for cutting-edge technology or simple, effective solutions, AseptiScope has the expertise and experience to help you achieve your infection control goals. AsepticScope mission is to develop, manufacture, and commercialize novel solutions to address the challenges of healthcare-associated infection (HAI). The AseptiScope DiskCover System, with a full-scale US launch in 2022, is the first true barrier solution to address the issue of stethoscope contamination. The company’s leadership includes a seasoned team with a successful track record of working together to deliver blockbuster product introductions of clinically proven therapeutics and technologies.

The organization is well-positioned to deliver new and revolutionary technologies geared toward Clinician and Patient Infection Prevention. Its core product targets healthcare-associated infections, notably stethoscope contamination, and the serious threats they pose to patients, healthcare workers, and healthcare systems. The company’s DiskCover System is a device that replaces traditional stethoscope patient examinations with a highly visible and effective infection barrier, closing a technical gap created by the COVID-19 epidemic. There is no other automated, touch-free, scientifically validated solution accessible to the healthcare sector at the moment. The company is founded and led by clinical innovation experts, leading medical researchers, and practicing physicians. The AseptiScope mission is to design, develop, manufacture, and commercialize novel solutions that offer “Infection Protection for Clinician & Patient.” The company has now launched the first true and practical solution for the longstanding challenge of stethoscope contamination: the DiskCover System. The DiskCover System, as well as stethoscope contamination, are becoming more evident in the healthcare world. The frequency of poor stethoscope hygiene and contamination reveals important gaps in infection protection that the DiskCover System will assist in filling.

The DiskCover System is the first and only touch-free stethoscope barrier dispensing system. The system dispenses single-use aseptic disk covers that are proven to protect patients from exposure to harmful pathogens and contaminants on the stethoscope diaphragm without compromising the acoustics critical for accurate diagnoses. The compact DiskCover Dispenser, designed to be mounted in or near hand hygiene stations in the clinical setting, applies individual disk covers instantly, minimizing workflow disruption and encouraging clinician compliance. The DiskCover Dispenser is uniquely designed to ensure each stethoscope exam is always aseptic and is the first workflow-compatible option, optimizing compliance.

AseptiScope is based in San Diego, California, and was founded by Scott W. Mader. “Our mission is to elevate infection protection for both clinicians and patients through market-driven innovation,” said Mr. Mader.


Scott W. Mader, Founder & CEO


“Our mission is to elevate infection protection for both clinicians and patients through market-driven innovation,” said Mr. Mader.


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