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Friday, June 21, 2024

Axea Solutions - The Centralized Medical Coding Solutions

Healthcare organizations are often at the mercy of unique payer situations, requirements, and guidelines, which cause documentation and coding challenges, accounts receivable delays, and revenue leakage.  Whether a revenue cycle leader, HIM/Coding manager, compliance or CDI leader, clinician, or a member of a large group practice who is responsible for health information and claims, the answer to revenue cycle challenges is Axea Solutions. For more than 20 years, Axea clients have relied on its vast experience with documentation and coding quality, compliance, claims, and denials management to craft lasting solutions to their unique challenges. “Our holistic approach includes detailed assessments, innovative methodologies and services, and multifaceted education strategies designed to foster improved clinical documentation and coding accuracy, streamline patient financial workflow, and boost financial success.”

​​Axea’s comprehensive menu of services offers a myriad of solutions for claims and legal professionals to confidently evaluate the medical records and the medical appropriateness for personal injury and malpractice claims. “Our Comprehensive Case Evaluation speaks to the specific medical documents of the case. We provide a report outlining the details and deviations, with the reviewing qualified healthcare professional available to support opinions through deposition or trial.”

Axea’s coding audits help identify problematic areas related to coder education, documentation quality, and potential reimbursement dollars that healthcare organizations often leave on the table. This insight is used to develop an education and training plan to improve documentation quality and coding performance. ​It enables targeted reviews to support unique situations such as a new physician or targeted physician quality review, physician practice merger or acquisition, a new program or facility, or specialty environments such as infusion centers. Whereas, Axea’s pre-bill audit function encompasses a comprehensive examination, provided in real-time, to ensure a claim is accurately coded prior to billing, which is proven to significantly reduce claim denials.

Axea experts with subject matter knowledge provide in-depth insight on all aspects of medical documentation. Presenting these issues accurately and decisively during mediation and litigation to a mediator or other parties with limited medical background can be the difference between a case won or lost. The Axea team of experts participates in depositions and testimony to establish credibility for their findings and help the case focus on crucial points of interest.

Axea Solutions proprietary technology, AccuTrend, provides organizations with one centralized platform where audits take place, replacing antiquated manual processes currently used by most auditing teams.  AccuTrend allows shareholders in the audit process the ability to transparently view audit progress, from how far along the audit is in the process to specificities and individual results, also providing robust, customized reporting. AccuTrend can save up to 40% of an auditors’ time by automating tedious, time-consuming processes.

Thorough, accurate clinical documentation is critical for many reasons: to support care decisions during and after a patient encounter, to reflect the severity of illness and risk of mortality for a patient population, and to drive accurate reimbursement. And as the bulk of care delivery shifts to the outpatient setting, proactively managing patient authorization and accurate documentation is more critical than ever.Axea’s clinical documentation improvement (CDI) services help healthcare organizations attest to the high quality of clinical documentation.

Developing clean claims with complete and accurate information is an essential step in reducing payer denials, avoiding A/R delays, and ensuring your revenue cycle continues to hum along nicely.Axea claims editing solutions resolve these issues, reducing a hospital’s pre-bill edit queue and creating thorough, detailed bills that are fully acceptable for submission to payers. We provide expertise in processing coding and billing edits and can facilitate the implementation of a workflow process to promote clean claim submission as well as training assigned personal responsible for edit remediation.​

Pre-bill edits can help healthcare providers proactively prevent coding denials. It sounds simple in theory; however, many providers struggle with implementing this mid-cycle process. This leads to increased costs, increased claims denials, and decreased reimbursements.Axea’s pre-bill editing services proactively corrects potential claim edit issues. “Our team of certified specialists looks at the entire medical coding process to improve pre-bill services. The end result is improved turnaround times and, most importantly, a reduction in claim denials or write-offs.”

With hospital claim denial rates on a steady rise, the need for more efficient and effective claims management is apparent.Streamlining workflow processes will help to improve documentation and coding and ensure accurate patient registration and charge capture to support timely, clean claim submissions. “Today, Axea focuses on targeted education and resources supporting organizational efforts around claims management, prevention, and defense.”

Axea Solutions

Susan Gatehouse, Founder and CEO


“Our Comprehensive Case Evaluation speaks to the specific medical documents of the case. We provide a report outlining the details and deviations, with the reviewing qualified healthcare professional available to support opinions through deposition or trial”


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