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Friday, June 21, 2024

Becton, Dickinson and Company(BD) - Advancing Medical Research & Infection Prevention

Becton, Dickinson and Company(BD)’s system of infection prevention and control tools, surveillance, and education help to identify, address and minimize the risk of infections to address the rising worldwide issue of healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs). BD is a worldwide medical technology firm that improves medical discoveries, diagnosis, and care delivery to advance the world of health. BD is a leader in patient and healthcare worker safety, medical research, and clinical laboratory technology. The firm develops cutting-edge technologies that advance medical research and genetics, improve infectious disease and cancer diagnostics, promote infection prevention, equip surgical and interventional procedures, and support diabetic care.

Understanding data insights and how to use them can help achieve better results. For example, a national healthcare goal is combating healthcare-associated illnesses and antibiotic resistance. While healthcare has made progress in raising awareness and improving processes, there are still gaps in enhancing early detection measures to prevent infection. BD, Becton Dickinson, worked with various health systems over the last 20 years to help improve patient outcomes by assisting clinicians with identifying at-risk patients, the empowerment of faster reporting procedures, and the capacity to expand findings with actionable analytics. BD offers clinical surveillance and analytic tools that identify and prioritize opportunities to improve patient safety. Over time, keeping track of interventions and outcomes can improve processes and empower clinician-led patient outcomes. Every year, BD’s solutions assess around 21 million specimens, and we assist doctors in identifying opportunities to enhance patient care practices for over 350,000 clinical events. As a result, clinicians may spend less time acquiring and analyzing data and more time focusing on patient care with their solutions.

BD HealthSight Infection Advisor with MedMined Insights (previously MedMinedTM Monitoring Advisor) is a comprehensive solution that includes continual clinical surveillance of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) and clinical assistance and instructional elements. This technology aids hospitals in streamlining operations, streamlining regulatory reporting, and improving infection control daily. Consequently, professionals can devote more time to patient care than administrative responsibilities. And with the help of the data obtained from the institution to apply a quality marker called Nosocomial Infection Marker (NIM) used a susceptible and specific algorithm. The data is then transformed into actionable intelligence by their unique algorithm, which aids in the identification of clinically relevant patterns that indicate the presence of infectious agents. As a result, NIMs may benchmark quality initiatives in an organization as an objective, repeatable clinical case-finding method. In addition, because NIM rates are linked to costs, length of stay (LOS), and chart review findings related to HAIs, they may be combined with hospital accounting data to offer valuable indications of the economic effect of infection at the site or throughout the system. 

To enable physician intervention, BD HealthSight Clinical Advisor automates the process of accumulating and standardizing clinical data. Streamlining the pharmacy’s process and employing analytical knowledge to discover areas of opportunity can help promote drug stewardship and patient safety. BD supports the Medication Stewardship Program by providing clinically relevant data to evaluate treatment alternatives, such as organism susceptibility, general laboratory data, administration data, and vitals data. The program also provided adverse medication event patterns by combining personalized warnings with analytic insights for better evaluation.

Recently, BD has pledged $500,000 to help enhance the quality of treatment and eliminate health disparities for people served by free and charitable clinics around the country. “We know that racial and ethnic groups in the United States experience worse health outcomes for certain conditions and are statistically more likely to face barriers that make it more difficult to access quality care,” says Tom Polen, chairman, CEO, and president of BD. “Investing in the health of our communities is a pillar of the BD environmental, social and governance strategy. By supporting this important, first-of-its-kind initiative, we’re helping to empower US free and charitable clinics to measure and track the degree to which their health care services are effectively addressing these inequities, and determine where additional support is needed to ensure more equitable health care quality and access for all.”

One of the most pressing concerns confronting the healthcare business is cybersecurity. At BD, they are uncompromising in their dedication to security through design, use, and collaboration. BD endeavors to maintain strong security standards in its products, systems, and client environments so that customers may concentrate on what matters most, patient care.

Becton, Dickinson and Company(BD)

Tom Polen
Chairman, President & CEO



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