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Friday, July 19, 2024

BoomerangFX – Fueling Digital Transformation in Aesthetic Medicine

Fueling Digital Transformation in Aesthetic Medicine
When it comes to the dermatology and the broader aesthetic medical sector, there are a variety of challenges that healthcare practitioners face. For instance, the growing volume of administrative tasks such as patient charting, scheduling, inventory purchasing, accounting and record-keeping continues to rise. Digital advertising is also the new growth lever for succeeding in private-pay healthcare, but many clinics have limited access to specialized digital marketing to grow market share and continuously attract new patients. The industry is also evolving with the introduction of new non-invasive technologies that requires updated training resources to teach practitioners safe and effective techniques for these innovations. To meet these evolving industry needs, BoomerangFX is streamlining every aspect of private health practice operations, reducing complexity and providing access to much needed learning and advertising tools to allow practice owners to grow there profits sustainably.

BoomerangFX is a fully integrated Practice Management Software, Digital Marketing and e-Learning Solution that radically fuels revenue growth and performance improvements in a one-stop cloud-based solution. The only one of its kind in North America, BoomerangFX was designed to make life easy for owners and managers of dermatology and aesthetic medical practices – as the world’s first turnkey solution for private-pay aesthetic medicine. It delivers end-to-practice management tools such as EMR (electronic medical records), scheduling, CRM, invoicing, inventory management along with one-click access to digital advertising and e-learning all delivered in a cloud-based SaaS solution. “We have taken it one step further by augmenting our practice management software with a virtual assistant along with integrated digital advertising and e-Learning offerings powered by data science and artificial intelligence to help our clients compete and win an increasingly competitive market” explains Jerome Dwight, CEO, BoomerangFX.

Innovative Proprietary Conversion Tracking Tools
The BoomerangFX integrated digital marketing and practice management solution starts with a “top of funnel” digital advertising solution—a suite of tools that delivers customized digital ads for clinic clients and which are optimally placed on platforms like Google, Facebook and Instagram. The team uses Artificial Intelligence to ensure the advertisements target the ideal customer in the local geographic markets. Once prospective customers respond to targeted advertisements, the leads are tracked through a proprietary dashboard from the point of interest to the time of a consultation. The company’s innovative proprietary conversion tracking tools imbedded in the practice management system ensures the entire lifecycle of a patient from initial interest to consultation and treatment are tracked in real time by the clinic manager which allows for continual optimization of clinic conversion and performance.

In fact, lead conversion tracking is core to the BoomerangFX philosophy of growth for dermatology and medspa clinics. The ability to track the new patient through the entire journey is unique to BoomerangFXa system that has been refined over decades of use cases in private pay settings to ensure not a single opportunity is missed. AsDwight points, “Once a lead is booked in for consultation, our practice management system is designed to monitor and report on the entire patient journey to minimize delays and friction in the process – tools such as optimized scheduling, automated wait-list reminders, e-scripting and automated billing through payment platform integrations are all available at the click of a button””

Additionally, a virtual digital assistant alerts clinic managers with critical metrics like revenue projections that are trending behind monthly goals, trending declines in certain sales categories, delinquent patients, falling inventory levels for essential supplies such as Botox or glove, etc. Simply put BoomerangFX automates the entire process of growth and profitability and takes the guesswork out of running a profitable practice. Managing cosmetic dermatology and medspa patients with BoomerangFX is designed to be intuitive especially for the many new entrants to the sector that are opening their first private pay dermatology or medspa practice. The company’s system also utilizes automated drip and nurture marketing to ensure patients have frequent “touchpoints” with their clinic after they have received their initial treatment – this technology is designed to keep patients returning the practice for timely follow up services. The ability to earn rewards points through a custom app is also a unique feature for BoomerangFX and will be available in 2023.

Digitizing the Inside of Aesthetic Medical Practice
Since its inception, the BoomerangFX vision has been to automate the inside of the private-pay Medspa or Aesthetic Medical Practice. The Company sees as its mission the need to empower new practice owners to succeed in the highly competitive and lucrative field of aesthetic medicine. “The industry is moving so quickly and droves of traditional physicians, nurses and clinicians are opening private-pay medspa operations but little support exists to assist them with fit-for-purpose practice management tools, digital advertising and educational resources that are essential to ensure success” commented Dwight. Quite simply, BoomerangFX is the world’s first solution that has simplified and integrated digital advertising, practice management and e-learning functionality for aesthetic medicine to provide practitioners with real time tools to find new patients, service them efficiently along with real-time learning and development resources to train new staff to deliver best in class services.

An example of one of the company’s successful customer outcomes relates to a recently launched dermatology and medspa clinic based in Austin Texas. The practice owner and clinic manager were frustrated with having to use multiple systems for EMR (electronic medical records), scheduling and billing. Additionally, they had negative experiences with their marketing provider who didn’t specialize in aesthetic medical practices – they had no transparency on leads and the true return on their advertising dollars. When they sought BoomerangFX their practice was losing patients to a nearby competitor and had lost significant market share – profits and revenue were in decline.

BoomerangFX provided a dedicated practice consultant with over 10 years of experience in operating a medspa. The consultant worked with the practice owner and clinic manager to train them on the BoomerangFX practice management software and also coordinated marketing experts inside BoomerangFX’s Grow advertising division to design highly targeted landing pages with specific types of customers in mind. The company then launched the advertisement campaign, and its consultant coached the practice manager on tips and strategies to convert new leads to treatments. The team then ensured all nurses and practitioners were offered the business foundations training program to assist them in enhancing their customer services skills and treatment techniques for procedures like Botox and injectables. After three months, the practice increased its revenue by 40% and profits were up 75% with the schedule filled with appointments consistently for 2 months in advance.

A Multi-Million Dollar Roadmap
BoomerangFX was envisions by co-founder and world-renowned surgeon Dr. Stephen Mulholland who for over two decades operated one of North America’s most profitable and successful plastic surgery, medspa and dermatology brands in the heart of Toronto-Canada, one of the top 3 most competitive markets in North America. Dr. Mulholland also co-founded in Mode, the publicly traded medical device technology company which leads the global medical device technology market for non-invasive devices in applications for facial and body shaping, including the highly popular Morpheus8 system. As a clinic owner himself, Mulholland recognized a gap in the market for an end-to-end easy to use practice management solution which also offered clinics access to low cost-effective digital advertising. Dr. Mulholland’s prior experience as a world leading authority on medspa technology and Jerome Dwight’s prior background as a proven technology and e-commerce entrepreneur led to the formation of BoomerangFX, which is now one of the fastest growing med-tech companies in the world for private pay medicine. BoomerangFX has customers across the US, Canada and globally over 10,000 participants on its e-learning platform across Asia, Europe and the UK.

Today, BoomerangFX is on a mission to digitize the inside of the Aesthetic Medical Practice. “We have a multi-million-dollar roadmap to continue to infuse Artificial Intelligence into all facets of advertising and practice management, the focus of these technology investments is to help practice owners be more profitable, grow faster and most importantly to free up time from administrative tasks to allow them to do what they do best – treat patients. We aim to make running a dermatology clinic or medspa a simple, easy and enjoyable experience. We also see massive global growth in Asia, Latin America and Europe – we recently announced the expansion of our e-learning division into the UK, Asia Pacific and Mexico,” concludes Dwight.


Jerome Dwight, Co-Founder & CEO


“We have taken it one step further by augmenting our practice management software with a virtual assistant along with integrated digital advertising and e-Learning offerings powered by data science and artificial intelligence to help our clients compete and win an increasingly competitive market”


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