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Friday, June 21, 2024

BrightInsight - Powering up the Digital Health

Biotechnology can be broadly defined as using organisms or their products for commercial purposes. Modern biotechnology, like genetic engineering, can have a dramatic effect on the world economy and society. By leveraging the possibilities of biotechnology, businesses have been trying to tap into the broader scope of technology in people’s everyday lives. BrightInsight, a healthcare business providing the leading global platform for biopharma and MedTech regulated digital health solutions, has successfully delivered advanced biotech solutions to the world. Digital technology can play an impactful role in chronic disease management by improving patient engagement and therapy adherence and empowering healthcare providers with better insights to deliver more personalized care in real-time. BrightInsight accelerates time to market for our customers’ digital health products, including apps, algorithms, medical devices, connected combination products, diagnostics, and Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) across therapeutic areas.

Given the challenges and trends surrounding chronic disease management, it’s more important than ever for innovators to have a platform they can rely on as they create new digital health solutions. BrightInsight replaces the need for lengthy and complicated ‘build from scratch’ implementations and instead offers a pre-built and proven digital health platform designed under a Quality Management System to support global security, privacy, and regulatory requirements. The expertise in building and maintaining biopharma and Medtech regulated digital health products and the vast experience in launching high-risk Class C software as a Medical Device, dosing algorithms, patient support and engagement apps, chronic disease management platforms, connected combination products, diagnostics, and more are few of BrightInsight’s expert services.

Recently, BrightInsight closed a Series C financing round of $101 million led by world-renowned venture capital firm General Catalyst. The Series C included strong participation from existing investors, including Insight Partners, leading global venture capital, and private equity firm investing in high-growth technology and software ScaleUp companies. The Series C financing round validates the market need for a global digital health platform for biopharma and MedTech. It reinforces the tremendous progress of establishing BrightInsight as a proven, compliant platform that significantly speeds time to market for the biopharma and MedTech customers.

In 2020, CSL Behring, a leading biotechnology company, selected the BrightInsight Platform to build and manage its digital health solutions within a regulatory-compliant environment. the BrightInsight Platform enables CSL Behring to develop and host digital health devices, apps, algorithms, and Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) at scale while maintaining compliance with privacy, security and regulatory requirements across the globe. CSL Behring is leveraging the BrightInsight Platform enterprise-wide as its common platform infrastructure to centralize its digital projects without limiting localization, customization, or scalability.”We are excited to partner with the team at CSL Behring to optimize their transformational therapies through our regulated digital platform to seek to improve patient experiences and clinical outcomes,” says Kal Patel, MD, CEO & Co-Founder, BrightInsight. “This latest global partnership with a biopharmaceutical leader represents an important next step in achieving our mission to transform patient outcomes globally through the power of digital technology.”

As the provider of the leading global platform for biopharma and MedTech regulated digital health solutions, BrightInsight is dedicated to contributing to innovation in the IO field. They envision a global transformation of patient outcomes, starting with the acceleration of regulated digital health innovation. With that goal in mind, BrightInsight enables the capture, transmission, and analysis of data from medical devices, apps, software, algorithms, and other devices, empowering precision medicine and better patient matching.

More new pathways and novel antibodies generate new therapeutic opportunities, which is good news for cancer patients. These also create an ever greater need for digital solutions to help accelerate the impact of these IO therapies to predict better how a patient’s cancer will react to any given treatment, identify potential adverse events, and choose the best combination of therapies. The key is leveraging data from remote monitoring devices, companion digital diagnostics, and available algorithms.

“BrightInsight, a healthcare business providing the leading global platform for biopharma and MedTech regulated digital health solutions, has successfully delivered advanced biotech solutions to the world. “


Kal Patel
MD, Co-Founder & CEO


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