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Friday, July 19, 2024

Casenet - The Promise of Modern Population Health Management

When it comes to the healthcare space, effective management and coordination sometimes becomes the greatest challenge. At this point, serving commercial and government health plans, health systems, and third party administrators/carve outs, Casenet by Zyter, creates population health technology solutions that enable payers and providers to coordinate care. The company’s population health technology unites disparate data sources to provide a 360 degree longitudinal view of each member, making it easy to identify opportunities to coordinate and improve care. “We believe that when people, systems and data work in harmony, a real, positive impact can be made on the health of individuals and populations.”

Delivering on the promise of population health management requires synergy on all levels: among individuals and teams in organizations; between payers and providers; and within clinical, IT, financial and other data repositories. Under the leadership of their CEO, Sanjay Govil, Casenet creates technology solutions that make this synergy possible. The company specializes in helping manage complex, high acuity members across all business lines including Medicare, Medicaid, Dual-Eligibles and commercial.“Casenet is a care management market and technology leader,” says Sanjay Govil, CEO, Zyter.

Casenet’s population health technology platform, TruCare,enables plans to identify members in need of non-medical support and match them to community providers. Customized lists of home and community providers can be easily uploaded into TruCare, enabling care managers to assign non-medical services with the click of a button. Community services can include Meals on Wheels, adult day care providers, in-home services, transportation providers and more.

Utilization and care managers access a 360-degree longitudinal view of each member, enabling them to identify gaps in care and potential need, implement interventions, and perform prior authorization using the comprehensive member dashboard that provides insight to current and historical information. This information includes demographics, communications activities, care management activities and member clinical profile. With this information, care teams can facilitate preventative care and ensure members are accessing appropriate services, so healthy members remain healthy and high-acuity members get the special attention they need.The TruCare platform is highly extensible, enabling integration with other systems and importing data from multiple sources including the member, provider, claims data, and other sources; this ensures care management team members have up-to-date data at their fingertips at every point of contact with the member, his/her providers, caregivers and others engaged in the member’s care.

The TruCare Collaborate gives health plans the power to communicate and collaborate with providers and care teams and to streamline conversations and information sharing for both UM and CM/DM initiatives.  What’s more, the collaboration ability can expand to include members, designees, care teams, social workers, caretakers, and more.

Another offering, TruCare Connect, powered by Health Trio, is a population health portal that provides a secure environment making it easy for patients, providers, and caregivers to communicate and share information with health plans and care managers. Members become more active participants of their own care using omni-channel communication avenues. The solution’s member portal provides members an additional communication method to interact with their health plan. Member portals simplify the healthcare experience for members because it allows members to engage in their care on their own timeline. Further, improved outcomes and reduced costs are tangible benefits when members receive convenient online access to their healthcare record. Not only do members become more active participants of their own care, they are able to make changes to their information without calling into your service center, which saves you resources.

Casenet’s offerings enable users to communicate securely, share files, and receive alerts. Role-based security and features create a personalized experience for each user. Real-time data drives alerts to members and improves compliance with care plans and contributes to better outcomes. The company is on a mission to improve the health of individuals and populations by developing technology solutions that promote member engagement, support provider collaboration, and meet compliance requirements. “We believe that when people, systems and data work in harmony, we can make a real, lasting, and positive impact on healthcare.”

“Casenet is a care management market and technology leader”


Sanjay Govil


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