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Friday, July 19, 2024

Dalton Pharma Services - Integrated Drug Discovery, Drug Development, and Manufacturing

To effectively serve the healthcare industry, the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors need timely, high-quality solutions. The pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors may obtain integrated chemistry, drug development, and manufacturing services from Dalton Pharma Services, a Health Canada-approved and FDA-inspected GMP contract provider. With a focus on quality, efficiency, and adaptability, they offer 30 years of expertise to the projects for the clients. They are versatile, flexible, and economical since they provide a broad spectrum of services internally (drug discovery, flow chemistry, formulation and process development, custom synthesis, cGMP sterile fill/finish, cGMP API manufacture, and/or dosage form manufacturing). Dalton is a contract pharmaceutical company that serves customers in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries globally by offering integrated chemistry, development, and production. Dalton performs cGMP manufacture of solid oral dosage forms, sterile injectables, completed medicinal products in vials or syringes, and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) in its 42,000-square-foot plant. APIs, especially sterile APIs, can be generated in amounts ranging from grams to kilograms. One may get assistance from Dalton’s contract skills at any point in the regulatory process (Phase I, II, III, or commercial). Custom drug conjugation, targeted drug delivery systems, analytical technique development and validation, ICH stability testing, formulation, and polymorphism screening are just a few of the development services available. Through its Dalton Research Molecules division, Dalton additionally assists the industry’s pharmaceutical research programs with a database of 2,500 reference standards, building blocks, metabolites, and contaminants.

Accelerating drug research and development programs involves the integration of process development, API manufacture, and completed dosage manufacturing at a single site. Dalton Pharma Services is capable of aseptic liquid fills and challenging aseptic powder fills as part of the portfolio of contract manufacturing and development services. Dalton offers a Research Molecules collection of more than 3000 fine chemicals, including labeled compounds, metabolites, impurities, and natural compounds, as a service to the R&D community. In 1986, the business had its start in a little lab at York University, largely catering to the chemical requirements of nearby researchers, including goods for challenging chemical synthesis. The business increased both its operational lab footprint and its clientele as a result of being well-known for its strong chemical knowledge. Dalton strategically decided to increase cGMP production capabilities to meet client demand by offering bigger-scale chemical synthesis.

The goal is to concentrate on providing pharmaceutical services that address the changing demands of the clients and create value by streamlining their supply options. Dalton now offers a completely integrated range of services, from small-scale cGMP commercial manufacturing through discovery and research. They Research, Create, and Produce. cGMP manufacturing facilities are run by Dalton in Toronto, Canada. A substantial improvement and extension of the facilities took place in 2016 and included the reconstruction of the sterile filling suite with new HEPA systems, fill line RABs, a new WFI system, new vial washing-depyrogenation capabilities, as well as better material and people flows. Dalton is dedicated to treating everyone in a way that preserves their autonomy and sense of dignity. They support diversity and fair opportunity. By preventing and removing accessibility barriers and adhering to the goals and specifications of the Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005, they are committed to promptly meeting the needs of people with disabilities about Dalton’s programs, services, and facilities (“AODA”).

Security and privacy are very important to them at Dalton Pharma Services. To apply for a position with Dalton Chemical Laboratories, one must provide information that can be used to identify the individual(referred to as “personal information” in this policy). Public information from directories and listings, as well as company names, addresses, and/or phone numbers, is not regarded by them as personal information. This paper lists the types of personal data they could gather, potential uses for that data, and the precautions they take to treat the data responsibly. It also covers other significant privacy-related subjects. The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act is aligned with its policies and procedures (PIPEDA).

A sterile liquid filling system that is completely automated has been purchased by Dalton Pharma Services. According to Peter Pekos, CEO and President of Dalton Pharma Services, “The flexibility and aseptic assurance that this new fill-line provides will enable Dalton to extend services beyond the current clinical stage and accelerate the development of clients’ sterile drug products to reach the market, faster.” Dalton Pharma Services was established in 1986 and has since developed into a market-leading provider of pharmaceutical services, supporting its worldwide clientele with research, development, and manufacture. The goal of the Dalton Pharma Services Business Strategy has always been to offer their clients top-notch scientific services with an emphasis on quality and innovation.

Dalton Pharma Services

Peter Pekos, President & CEO


“Dalton Pharma Services was established in 1986 and has since developed into a market-leading provider of pharmaceutical services, supporting its worldwide clientele with research, development, and manufacture.”


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