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Friday, June 21, 2024

Dyad Medical - Making medical imaging easy!

In the world of medical tests where physicians and medical professionals rely on scans to provide the correct diagnosis, it becomes important to come up with solutions that will make their work easy. Like everything else medical professionals also rely on applications that will help them to optimize observations and give proper treatment to their patients. Some of the advantages of using advanced machine learning-based algorithms are designed to help reduce human error and misdiagnosis, reduce costs and improve the workflow and to help all the experts to be on the same page!

The AI-based platform of Dyad medical helps to come up with automated cardiac and other image analyses. The amalgamation of machine learning and big data analytics helps medical professionals and experts to collaborate and sort data in an easy way to come up with clear decisions. It saves everybody’s time and makes it easy for people to collaborate and teach others thereby improving the efficiency of healthcare workflow and administration.

Lifestyle diseases are a common factor that affects the lives of people all around the world. The CEO of Dyad Medical Ronny Shalev a Ph.D. himself understands the complexities of medical imaging and the challenges associated with it. Dyad Medical is the pioneer solution provider for cardiologists which gives valuable insights on each and every scan regardless of the method used and where the scan comes from.”We are the only solution that provides cardiologists with insights on every scan they perform, regardless of the modality used and what part of the heart they scan. We are clear on our goal to provide universal access to expert-level observations by teaching computers to automatically analyze medical images. The Dyad platform, will provide instantaneous cardiac image interpretations globally via the web, accessible by any device, which for a clinician is like having 1000’s of expert second opinions for them to consider in their diagnoses – all in real-time,” adds Shalev.

People all over the world are now realizing the importance of having healthcare and insurance plans which will help them to access the best facilities. Dyad medical teams provide exceptional analysis of the medical images, especially for cardiac images which are easily accessible using any device over the internet. Once an image has been obtained one can get opinions of experts from any part of the world and all this is happening in real-time so the service is transparent, efficient, and reliable.

Dyad medicals help to reduce costs and make things smooth by integrating the different aspects of imaging services and applications while ensuring that the data is enhanced easily and visibility is clear for all. Medical professionals often have to handle administrative and other duties also along with the diagnostics of patients in such instances it is better to double-check and rely on AI analytics of the scans to reach proper conclusions.

Dyad Medical is using deep learning techniques to develop accurate medical image analysis making it easier for medical professionals to share the correct interpretation. The team of machine learning experts, medical experts has helped Dyad medical to come up with algorithms that improve the diagnostic accuracy of complicated procedures.

People are often reluctant to rely on machines alone for diagnosis but it is essential to understand that data along with the results of the lab will help physicians to come up with new methods of treating ailments and with the ever-evolving technology more and more procedures in the future will depend on machine learning or AI to come up with non-invasive, quick and easy solutions in real-time. Dyad medical also provides access to best-in-class training and has been a part of the NVIDIA Inception program, which supports making image analysis more accessible, for all.

The research team of dyad medicals makes it an ideal platform for research professionals and scientists to come up with protocols and deploy methods that will help to define images accurately and easily.

Some of the techniques which Dyad medical specializes in are Echocardiogram Video and Still Image Analysis: It aids in the physiologic assessment of the heart, its valves enabling quick diagnosis and triage of patients. The company also has an Intravascular Optical Coherence Tomography (IVOCT) solution which is pending FDA approval but will aid in analyzing the plaque images and will make stent deployment easy.

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