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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Encapsia by Cmed - Comprehensive Clinical Trial Management Solution

As the technology and innovations are rapidly improving, the same is going on with the clinical space as well. It’s now time to embrace these changes and step into the new age of evolution, or moreover, it’s time to step forward to re-phrase the uncertainty that exists in the industry. This is where Cmed—an innovative, full-service technology-led CRO— is delivering its most innovative solution—Encapsia. “Clinical trials are becoming increasingly complex and expensive, with many companies reconsidering their strategies and operating models. Our solutions are crafted to tackle these challenges effectively,” said David Connelly, CEO, Cmed.

Encapsia is Cmed’s clinical data suite, designed around a unified clinical database with user-centric apps to support all trial processes and a full cloud architecture. Cmed brings together experienced people and technology, providing customers with a friendly, proactive service, and delivers this service using advanced clinical data capture, management, and reporting software and processes. Cmed’s new generation clinical data suite, Encapsia, streamlines the capture, management, and reporting of clinical data, saving customers time and money. The solution is one of the most innovative & powerful systems available delivering a complete solution to collect and manage clinical trial data. The solution’s real-time data surfaced through powerful visualisations provide instantaneous analysis of all trial data including third-party lab, ECG, biomarker, sensor and others. Moreover, Encapsia is based on a single data repository and management environment, delivering truly integrated data analytics across all data, instantly, allowing quick, data-driven decisions.

Unlike traditional systems, Encapsia is built in the era of smartphones, leveraging modern concepts to revitalize clinical trials. In addition to traditional EDC, the company also offers Encapsia eSource for direct data capture (DDC) in the same system that brings you medical coding, third-party data Loads, as well as industry leading data visualizations; all driven from one single configuration. Observations and issues can be highlighted, shared with study stakeholders, actioned, tracked whilst automatically compiled into clear audit trails to support traceability and fully comply with all relevant regulatory standards. It’s simple and fast integration with expert providers or legacy EDC or data management system brings in the advantages and benefits of encapsia with minimal risk.

Designed for smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices, Encapsia aims to be an end-to-end, cloud-based solution for research organizations of all sizes. The platform automatically updates charts and graphs as soon as you enter new data, and Encapsia’s eSource feature lets you directly capture trial results on your tablet. Encapsia’s unique range of intuitive entry and review modalities, together with straightforward integration with expert systems such as RTMS, eConsent, ePRO, etc lets you adopt decentralization options with confidence.

Encapsia users also get full access to the company’s Home Visit app. Engineered for organizations that conduct a lot of offsite trials, the Home Visit app lets your staff members easily upload photographs and other multimedia, validate data recordings instantly, and customize standard template forms. Furthermore, the Home Visit app has full offline functionality and automatically syncs data to the cloud when a user regains their internet connection. If you’re looking for a software vendor that has its eyes on the future of CTMS, then you’ll probably be very impressed with Encapsia.

Clinical data can be captured flexibly by eSource, multi-media, and web eDC, while being displayed in live visual insights, providing live analytics, and allowing within suite audit trailed actions. It is fully compliant with regulatory guidelines and allows integration with existing systems. Continually pushing the next level in modern concepts and already outpacing the boundaries of the new normal, Encapsia is already revitalizing clinical trials with the most flexible, efficient, and innovative system available. “We are expanding the Encapsia applications to help eliminate many of the pain points associated with data capture, driving a faster, more agile, and cost-effective approach in the execution of clinical trials, and helping to speed up the drug development process for sponsors,” concludes Connelly.

“We are expanding the encapsia applications to help eliminate many of the pain points associated with data capture, driving a faster, more agile and cost-effective approach in the execution of clinical trials, and helping to speed-up the drug development process for sponsors”

Encapsia by Cmed

David Connelly


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