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Friday, June 21, 2024

Epion Health - The Future of Patient Experience

Patients want care that meets them where they are and engages them where they are. To do so, the practice needs the appropriate tools and technology to optimize engagement, happiness, and ROI. Epion Health’s patient engagement platform prioritizes the patient experience above all else, enabling practices to promote participation in high-quality treatment that is easy, accessible, efficient, and lucrative.

 Epion is committed to transforming how healthcare operates and solely focuses on providing new digital access solutions that improve clinical and economic results. Epion, as a trusted partner to healthcare companies, promotes value-based care goals while delivering outstanding customer service and extensive resources. These are why Epion has been embraced by medical clinics ranging from single-provider practices to major enterprises across the country. Epion’s mobile patient experience platform helps physician practices and ambulatory clinics provide anytime, anywhere care that drives greater efficiency, engagement, and revenue. Together, they empower practice to deliver virtual care that feels personal, familiar, and easy to use – with no download or log-in required.

Epion’s patient access, check-in, and telehealth services are offered on a robust, cloud-based patient engagement platform, making it simpler to communicate with patients at all stages of the care journey—before, during, and after the visit. The mobile patient experience platform enables medical practices and ambulatory clinics to offer treatment at any time and from any location, resulting in increased efficiency, involvement, and income. Together, they enable the practice to provide virtual care that feels personal, familiar, and simple to use — without the need for a download or a log-in. Without needing to download an app, Epion’s digital check-in and patient messaging solution makes it simpler to engage with patients at all stages throughout the care journey—before, during, and after the visit. This enables to protect the health of patients and employees while increasing an organization’s reach with Epion virtual consultations. Epion’s digital check-in and patient messaging solution makes it easier to connect with patients at all points along the care journey—before, during and after the visit—without having to download an app.

The HIPAA-compliant telemedicine solution from Epion is easy, safe, and scalable. Patients may easily interact with conventional clinical procedures such as intake, registration, and waiting room. The solution is designed to help protect the health of patients and staff while expanding reach through virtual consults. The company’s HIPAA-compliant telehealth solution is simple, secure and scalable which facilitates seamless connection and engagement of patients with standard clinical workflows that include intake, registration and waiting room.

“With the rise of healthcare consumerism, virtual and hybrid care models, and staffing shortages, this year continued to drive demand for healthcare organizations to adopt technologies that provide significant improvements to patient engagement,” explains Joe Blewitt, CEO of Epion Health. “The Epion team continued to make a difference where technology meets healthcare during this uniquely challenging time. The dedication, collaboration, talent, and support within the Epion team never cease to amaze me! We’re proud to be considered one of the best places to work in healthcare for the third year in a row.” 

Epion’s cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant technology allows healthcare data to be exchanged safely, securely, and scalable. Their system is vendor- and standards-agnostic, allowing it to readily integrate with most EHRs and supporting standardized health data sharing. Because the patient engagement software platform is cloud-optimized, there is no need to worry about lost data, manual upgrades, or bug patches, ensuring a positive user experience for patients. Epion’s cutting-edge technology platform streamlines and automates patient access, reducing administrative bottlenecks and enabling a more consistent, personalized, and enjoyable patient experience across all touchpoints. Epion is the top-rated patient engagement software platform with solutions that provide demonstrable value and increase the capacity to provide high-quality patient care. “At Epion, we pride ourselves on our proven results to drive patient access to care and exceed expectations arising from the consumerization of health care,” says Blewitt. “We are thrilled to work with health systems such as MSU Health Care that are focused on increasing patient satisfaction and streamlining workflows for providers and staff.” 

Epion’s products are simple to use and understand. Their user interface has powerful features that improve visibility, reading, organization, and understanding for persons of all ages. Furthermore, Epion’s solutions are compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones, resulting in goods that patients and clinicians enjoy using again and again for long-term benefit.

“At Epion, we pride ourselves on our proven results to drive patient access to care and exceed expectations arising from the consumerization of health care.”

Epion Health

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