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Friday, June 21, 2024

Gateway Health Partners - The Best-in-Class Expertise and High-touch Service Model

Every year the number of challenges associated with contract management is dramatically rising. Though there are automated solutions that streamlines processes from initiation and creation to execution and archiving, these tools still lack the level of flexibility and support that companies are expecting to deal with their complicated environment. Realizing these facts, Gateway Health Partners—the largest independent provider of rebate and formulary management services—is set out to make the complex, confusing world of formulary and rebate management to be seamless and integrated for its customers. In fact, the team works with PBM’s, Health Plans, and Employer Groups all over the country — listening, researching, negotiating, and creating customized, tech-forward solutions to help meet business needs and save members money. “Rather than saying here’s what you have to do, we understand our client’s business model and analyze the methods to help them manage these dynamics in the pharmacy management space, and ultimately become an engine for our client’s growth plan, ”Ashley Beatty, President, Gateway Health Partners.

What makes Gateway Health Partners stand out from the crowd is the company’s commitment to be better listeners, better partners and helpful problem solvers. The team is set out to use technology in a way that no one dreamed possible and at the benefit of clients, by managing formularies and rebates better than they’d ever been managed.

The fuel of Gateway Health is its team driven by Beatty. She has been part of the pharmacy industry for most of her career.  “I was focused on industry consulting with specialty pharmacies and PBM. So, my background is primarily on the cost of goods side within pharmacy benefit management and focusing on pharmaceutical manufacturing, contracting, and retail network pharmacy contracting,” adds Beatty.

The Strategic Partner

Since opening the doors, Gateway has been a pioneer in delivering cutting-edge solutions to its client ecosystems while being that cost containment solution for PBMs and health plans. The Gateway team have also created a consulting arm that allows continuous and seamless engagement with clients. “Providing cost containment solutions in the market and providing customizable solutions to our clients are something that is really important to us. It’s something that we take a lot of pride in, and, and have demonstrated great value to our clients,” points Maren Kaczmar, Vice President of Growth Initiatives, Gateway Health Partners. The team also ensures to provide clarity, insight and expertise to clients that create a very trusted partnership and, and ultimately predictability. She adds, “When they’re working with Gateway, our clients shouldn’t have any surprises at the end of the day. That predictability and growth engine goal are the ones that we have for our clients and is something that makes us incredibly sticky in in the sight of the market.”

From the rebate, formulary management side, or the retail network side, Gateway Health’s primary goal is to become a strategic partner, and a growth engine for its unique clientele. This way, the company facilitates all of the clinical programs and that a client is putting out in the market and fuel their growth. “We also have an account management and clinical account management team that works closely with clients, regardless of the products and services that we are providing, while forming that relationship and bring clarity, insight, and expertise, explains Beatty.

At Gateway, the company leverages all of its resources — from our deep expertise, to industry-wide relationships, to large-scale volume positions to assist its huge clientele. That’s how Gateway can negotiate best-in-class contractual positions, on a bundled or standalone basis, to make it work seamlessly for its customers. In fact, GHP is the largest independent provider of rebates and formulary management services in the United States. GHP has multiple formulary options ranging from broad national to exclusionary based formularies.

Next Gen Consulting Services

GHP’s pharmacy network solution, the NetOptimizerRx, is the next generation of network management services for our clients. The NetOptmizerRx leverages GHP’s years of expertise by providing consulting services that optimizes a client’s current network and robust data analytics focusing on contract management for pharmacy and clients. The concierge of services provides pricing management for MAC – automated algorithmic model, data blending, analytics and business intelligence, and geospatial automation.

Often PBM’s will quote guarantees that align with their own dispensing channel objectives such as an aggressive shift of patients from retail to mail service and/or retail 90. GHP evaluates each and every one of our customer’s utilizations independently and makes formulary recommendations based on what will maximize their rebate yields while aligning with a lowest net cost philosophy .“A big part of the cost containment equation falls onto the retail network side of the house. We’ve created several tools and product offerings within our pharmacy network management team to provide deeper analytics for risk management and contract management on both the pharmacy and client side,” explains Beatty.

Driving Innovation in Pharmacy Management

Today, Gateway Health Partner’s goal is to maintain its position as the largest independent provider of pharmacy management services in the industry right now. “We’re always growing and testing the market to see what the requirements are. Our goal as an organization, and our culture at Gateway Health is really about making sure that we’re meeting our client’s needs. That’s why we provide clarity, insight and expertise to our clients that create a very trusted partnership and, ultimately, predictability. That predictability and growth engine goal is something that makes us incredibly sticky in the market,” concludes Beatty.

Gateway Health Partners

Ashley Beatty, President

Maren Kaczmar, Vice President of Growth Initiatives


“We understand our client’s business model and analyze the methods to help them manage these dynamics in the pharmacy management space, and ultimately become an engine for our client’s growth plan”


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