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Friday, July 19, 2024

GenXys - Redefining Laboratory Management

Laboratory Management has taken many turns in the last decade, and the advancements have made quality and precision even more accessible and consistent. GenXys is a company that provides comprehensive precision prescribing software to solve the most pressing challenges in healthcare. Their precision prescribing software and pharmacogenetic solutions prevent unfavorable drug reactions, a leading cause of death in developed countries, and personalize drug selection to improve drug efficacy. They power every prescription to enhance medication safety, enhance treatment response, and decrease healthcare costs.

GenXys helps laboratories focus on bringing innovative, clinical-grade tests and tools to the people and healthcare providers who need them. The company will ensure that pharmacogenetics plays an active part in every prescribing choice to enhance healthcare with explicit treatment options. By automating and digitizing PGx information into real-time medication options for healthcare providers, GenXys is determined to create a change in the laboratory management field. GenXys has deep expertise in all areas of pharmacogenetics and a commitment to improving prescribing accuracy.

Supported by all the latest guidelines, including CPIC, PharmGKB, DPWG, GenXys is making it easy for their customers to launch a PGx solution in a short period or deliver the current PGx test data to the point of care. The easy-to-use SaaS-based solutions offered by GenXys are hosted in secure Microsoft Azure cloud environments and trusted by industry leaders. Identify PGx, TreatGx, and ReviewGx are other products offered by GenXys.

IdentifyPGx is a product still under construction, and it enables the identification of the most suitable people for a PGx test. It helps customers maximize their investment in precision prescribing through credible participant selection. TreatGx, the proven and widely-adopted clinical decision support software, enables personalized and evidence-based treatment options optimized for every patient. ReviewGx, the all-in-one MTM software that allows care providers to manage all medications in one place, including PGx and deprescribing insights. The applications of GenXys software include pharmacogenetic interpretation, precision prescribing, medication therapy management, population health management, drug spend reduction, real-time pharmacy benefits, and employee benefits plans. The clinical utility of PGx is significantly enhanced through automated clinical decision support. This means health care providers can make pharmacogenetics-informed medication decisions with precision.

Medication Therapy Management (MTM) is a core feature of value-based care, but the process is time-consuming and does not scale quickly. GenXys’ software automates the medication review process, and the precision prescribing engine uses the highest standards of clinical evidence to help their customers conduct high-speed comprehensive medication reviews.

Recently, Precision Genetics and GenXys inked a deal. Precision prescribing has become an effective method to bring pharmacogenetics (PGx) closer to the standard of care. Precision Genetics plans to use GenXys’s suite of software solutions, IdentifyPGx, TreatGx, and ReviewGx, to integrate pharmacogenetics and provide an improved and transformative approach to precision prescribing. “Science has provided the power of PGx testing, and clinical studies have proven the clinical benefit. What’s been missing is an accessible way to provide pharmacogenetic insights to the clinician so accurate prescribing can occur at any point of care quickly with confidence,” says Karl Pringle, CEO of GenXys. “Because our software platform is a laboratory and electronic health record agnostic, more health plans and health systems than ever before can bring the full value of PGx testing insights to more patients to improve treatment and reduce adverse drug reactions and events. We are pleased to partner with Precision Genetics to understand better the patient needs and maximize their health and wellness benefits from an evidence-based perspective,” he added.

GenXys’s platform is laboratory and electronic health record agnostic with seamless integration capabilities. Their clinical decision support software suite is used by major insurance providers, national laboratories, health systems, and pharmacies across North America. GenXys rapidly realizes its vision of making every prescription better with the software to enhance patient safety, upgrade population health and reduce healthcare costs.


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