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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Guardant Health - Fighting Against the Deadly Disease: Cancer

Cancer is a deadly disease that is data-deficient. And without the relevant data, timely actions are frequently missed. Doctors and patients must have access to extensive genetic information about the condition to choose the optimal treatment. However, obtaining this information is difficult. Traditional tissue biopsies need direct access to tumor tissue, which might be dangerous for some patients. They aren’t even an option for many patients. Furthermore, they offer nothing to assist in the early detection of cancer when patients have the highest chance of successful therapy. Guardant Health addresses this issue and is a leading precision oncology firm that uses patented blood tests, large data sets, and cutting-edge technology to help people beat cancer.

Guardant Health’s unparalleled access to cancer’s molecular information at all phases of the disease is the key to defeating cancer. They’re working on a solution using tests that require a blood sample. “Our mission at Guardant has always been to ensure patients have access to innovative oncology products. With the recent launches of Guardant Reveal, TissueNext, and Response, that vision is clearer than ever, and we are still just scratching the surface of the need ahead,” says Helmy Eltoukhy, CEO of Guardant Health. Guardant’s blood tests are now enabling prompt medication selection for cancer patients, as well as advancing recurrence detection and early cancer detection programs.

Furthermore, Guardant collaborates with pharmaceutical firms to develop and comprehend innovative therapeutic options that improve patient outcomes. Guardant’s commercially accessible tests give information that can assist advanced cancer patients in receiving the appropriate treatment and pharmaceutical firms in bringing innovative medicines to market more quickly. Guardant’s patented Digital Sequencing technology underpins all of the cancer-related products. They have created a platform that delivers the clinical sensitivity levels required for best-in-class products today and tomorrow across all stages of cancer by combining robust, high-efficiency biochemistry at the front end with next-generation sequencing and a machine-learning augmented bioinformatics pipeline.

For advanced cancer patients, precision treatment is becoming increasingly critical. Certain medicines outperform broad-based chemotherapy in terms of patient outcomes and side effects. However, an individual’s reaction to therapy is frequently influenced by the tumor’s genetic makeup. Oncologists may use the FDA-approved Guardant360 CDx to get full genomic findings in seven days from a simple blood draw, allowing them to move beyond the restrictions of tissue biopsies in matching patients to the best therapies. Obtaining therapeutically meaningful genetic information via a blood sample saves patients time and money by avoiding the need for a second tissue or surgical biopsy and goes beyond the limitations of tissue specimens. Guardant360 CDx includes all of the genes suggested by the National Comprehensive Cancer Network, as well as the 55 most significant genes for clinical treatment. Guardant360 CDx is FDA-approved for tumor mutation profiling, also known as comprehensive genomic profiling (CGP), across all solid malignancies as well as as a companion diagnostic to identify non-small cell lung cancer. Patients may also benefit from Tagrisso (osimertinib), RYBREVANT (amivantamab-vmjw), and LUMAKRAS therapy (sotorasib). With over 200 peer-reviewed papers since its introduction, the Guardant360 laboratory-developed test (LDT) has been generally acknowledged for blood-based CGP. It is widely covered by Medicare and many private payers, representing over 200 million people, and has been trusted by more than 9,000 oncologists with more than 150,000 tests completed too far.

To better understand cancer and design innovative solutions, Guardant Health has used data from tens of thousands of samples sequenced to date. Guardant’s recent breakthrough in diagnosing residual illness and recurrence monitoring in early-stage cancer patients, starting with colorectal cancer, is based on these profound molecular insights (CRC). On the market, Guardant provides the most comprehensive liquid biopsy platform that has been thoroughly verified. Recently, Guardant360 CDx, Guardant360 lab-developed test (LDT), and Guardant OMNITM liquid biopsy tests helped select patients with the proper molecular profile for the trial program and tracked their response to experimental medications more simply. Guardant Reveal, a liquid biopsy test, helps find novel medication development options for adjuvant and neoadjuvant cancer therapy with signs of residual illness or recurrence. Eltoukhy concludes, “We look forward to continuing to expand our product portfolio and improve patient outcomes as we conquer cancer with data across the continuum of care.”

“We look forward to continuing to expand our product portfolio and improve patient outcomes as we conquer cancer with data across the continuum of care.”

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