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Friday, June 21, 2024

Huma - Providing the Best Proactive and Predictive Health Care!

Healthcare is a field that is constantly changing and evolving. At this juncture, there are a variety of businesses coming up with some of the most innovative solutions that are capable of redefining the way healthcare operates today. Healthcare solution providers such as Huma is revolutionizing healthcare and science throughout the world. The company’s digital ‘hospital at home’ and decentralized clinical trial platform use real-time health data from smartphones to help patients, clinicians, researchers, and healthcare systems. Huma’s core focus is on developing intelligent software solutions for more effective delivery of clinical care and research.

Patients, physicians, researchers, and healthcare systems benefit from their digital “hospital at home” and decentralized clinical trial platform, which uses real-time health data from smartphones. Huma assists individuals in living longer, more fulfilling lives. Huma, a nationwide provider of ‘hospital at home services in England, Germany, and the United Arab Emirates, provides improved remote treatment and gathers patient-generated data continually. Healthcare organizations may enhance efficiency and empower patients to better control their health by expanding healthcare access outside the traditional environment. Huma facilitates improved research by remotely and continually gathering patient-generated data, pioneering some of the world’s most extensive clinical studies. They deliver real-time, reliable data that aid many aspects of life sciences, including decentralized clinical trials, post-approval research, real-world data, and companion products.

Huma’s digital phenotyping and biomarker capabilities can give an objective and continuous view of human function in health and illness. This information is helping to advance predicted health and tailored medication, as well as boosting clinical trial efficiency. Huma and Discover-NOW power remote care for persons with Type 2 Diabetes. Huma generates insights from real-time health data from patients, resulting in significant benefits in diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. Huma collaborates with scientists, healthcare organizations, pharmaceutical experts, and governments to improve treatment and research. Clinicians may monitor their patients remotely using their cellphones using Huma’s ‘hospital at home’ solution for COVID-19. Their technology has demonstrated the ability to nearly quadruple clinical capacity, reduce readmissions, enhance the patient experience, and save money. Patients are visited more frequently, and their data is reviewed more regularly owing to video consultation and remote monitoring via the Huma app. This helps to cut costs while also improving the patient experience. 

Through clinical development, post-approval research, real-world monitoring, and the creation of digital biomarkers and companion products, Huma’s virtual solutions facilitate the remote gathering of patient-generated data. Remote patient data acquisition, including e-consent, ePRO collection, biometric capture, data ingestion from wearables, utilization of digital endpoints, and telemedicine visits, is available through their platform. The virtual clinical trial solution from Huma connects trial participants, investigators, and research teams to help speed up recruitment, increase participant engagement, and ensure protocol adherence. Huma’s clinical trial technology decreases participant burden and increases the visibility of patient-generated data collected in the field. Huma’s digital companion solutions enhance existing therapies by making patient data collection more accessible. They also improve the quality of care by empowering and connecting patients, professionals, and healthcare systems. Life science enterprises may use their platform to develop a long-term engagement with a patient group.

Huma partner with scientists, technologists, healthcare, and life sciences professionals to collect and understand data, treat, and ultimately prevent ill health. The company’s Therapeutics has been named the winner of the first Prix Galien prize for Digital Health in 2021, considered the “Nobel Prize of biopharmaceutical research.” Dan Vahdat, CEO & Founder, says: “We’re thrilled to have won ‘pharma’s Nobel Prize’ for powering digital-first care and research with our hospital at home and decentralized clinical trial platform.” “Receiving this prestigious award is an incredible achievement for our team, and we are proud to be recognized for powering some of the world’s largest decentralized clinical trials, companion app initiatives, and ‘hospital at home’ projects. Our award-winning hospital at home began as a small project and rapidly grew to cover 4.5million people in England and then across Germany and other regions. Now we’re in multiple countries, improving both care and research for multiple illnesses. This is just the beginning of what we’ll do, but it’s very, very exciting.”

Huma’s preventative health and digital solutions make research more human-centric, from sending out updates to participants who have been involved in studies to staying in touch with participants for follow-up studies. As a result, Huma aspires towards more significant and more predictable health in the future.

“By helping individuals optimize sleep—and address sleep issues in a comprehensive and personalized way—we are truly helping them live their best and most productive lives”


Dan Vahdat


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