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Friday, June 21, 2024

Icario - Connecting People to Effective Healthcare

Sometimes healthcare can be impersonal, confusing and complicated. Connecting healthcare with the right people and deal with the right requirements are often not done correctly. This is where Icario stands out. The company helps connect healthcare with the people who need it. The team does this by listening, collaborating and inspiring. They’re pioneering a better way forward and are committed to making healthcare more human. The inception of Icario dates back to 2020, when Revel + NovuHealth joined forces to create Icario—creating value by uniting pioneering technology, data science, and behavioral insights to make the world a healthier place, one person at a time.

As an organization, Icario is a collaborative team of pioneers, inventors, and systems thinkers. The team speak truth, are driven by data, and sweat the details. “The Icario name and brand represent a successful, growing business that deeply understands people and is focused on making healthcare more human through personalized communication,” begins Steve Wigginton, CEO.

The company’s most innovative solution, the Icario Connect uses data science, behavioral research, multi-channel tools, and smart rewards and incentives to help clinics connect personally with members. Icario Data Enrichment combines member data with the company’s to turn lines on a spreadsheet into living, breathing people.Their proprietary behavioral research and quantitative data advance knowledge of members from clinical to deeply personal. The solution thenintelligently match the right messages, channels, and outreach sequences to each individual to drive the right health actions.

Users can leverage the Icario loyalty and member satisfaction know-how to drive positive behavior change and boost plan performance.Icario Connect continually optimizes channels, sequencing, incentives, and other levers to maximize results. Whereas, the Icario’s health action programs create a unique, more human experience. Icario Connect is customizable, open, and offers real-time reporting to drive ever-better results.When done right, surveys like HRAs can move members down the right path to better health efficiently and cost-effectively. Icario Member connection allows to create meaningful, measurable connections with members. The solution also empower members to not only improve their health with smart sequencing and intelligent incentives, but boost their perception of it, too.

An instance that highlights the company’s offering is inevitable part of their story. Getting members to fill out a lengthy HRA can be a difficult task. Couple with the reality that this particular health plan was only using one outreach channel—direct mail—they partnered with Icario on an innovative new solution to drive better health risk assessment completion results.This health plan had a goal to not only increase their completion rates, but they wanted to capture early member health history in order to help their members take preventive actions sooner rather than later to avoid serious interventions in the future.Icario began this program by leveraging the health plan’s existing HRA content and using their established engagementchannel to capture HRAs—direct mail.Icario team found that the multi-channel approach worked incredibly well for this population. It gave members options to complete their HRA, resulting in completion rates the health plan had never achieved in the past.

Over two decades of Icario’s expertise in the population health management space and their years of best practices allowed Icario to reinvent this health plan’s HRA survey, reduce the HRA completion time, and offered members easy access to complete it. Together,the team drove the highest HRA completion rates ever experienced by this client, and created a better, more personal member experience that showed this health plan truly cares about their members.

In the long run, Icario is planning to expand its offerings with some of the most innovative solutions and by leveraging the potential of latest technology. The company has also plans to stretch their wings as well.


“The Icario name and brand represent a successful, growing business that deeply understands people and is focused on making healthcare more human through personalized communication”


Steve Wigginton


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