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Friday, July 19, 2024

ICON PLC - Increasing the Pase of your Projects

The world today is working with intelligence to resolve issues and come up with best possible solutions. Healthcare intelligence is the way forward for clinical research organizations which aim to develop and offer solutions for the optimal patient care. Icon follows the concept of decentralization and hybrid mode of working which offers its employees flexibility and allows them to work in an efficient manner which helps in serving patients and people involved in the healthcare effectively.

In the digital era it becomes tricky to utilize the physiological data collected by the devices and sensors in a proper way. Digital biomarkers will be used extensively in the coming years and patients and doctors will rely on it to plan the future course of treatment. The R&D team at ICON works on the strategy which will help in utilizing the data collected from the devices and sensors in the possible way so as to provide better service and care for all.

Vaccination plays an important role especially the Coivd 19 pandemic has demonstrated the importance of coming up with vaccines that work for everyone. The services that the ICON teams offers will helps in monitoring clinical trials and studying it properly in an effective and efficient way. They will help you to move from phase 1-4 without any hiccups and will help in maintaining the quality without compromising on data integrity.

Pharmacovigillance is an essential component when companies and projects worth millions of dollars are being invested so the new drugs can be designed and developed for the people all across the globe. Data managements plays a crucial role in managing data regarding drugs, medicines and patient care so it is important to secure and safeguard the data in concise and optimum method which works for everyone involved.

The teams offer asset centric solutions that are designed to increases the pace of the projects and reduce the risk by managing it in a proper manner. The protocols are stringent and followed without compromising the scientific integrity and ensuring the regulatory risks are able to meet and fulfil the business objectives as well. These projects are handled and taken care of by the teams operations-from designing the study protocol to collecting data and records and other things related to clinical studies will be done by relying on use of novel statistical design can optimize development efficiency.ICON guides sponsors to choose the model – traditional, decentralised or hybrid – that best addresses the clinical development challenges of the study, maximising patient recruitment and retention and at the same time expanding access to diverse patient populations. We work with you to develop strategic, flexible approaches that leverage clinical informatics, state-of-the-art technologies, and our global reach to maximise safety and efficiency and make data-driven decisions for every study.

The World Health Organization predicts that antimicrobial resistance, resulting from the overuse of antibiotics or other drugs, one of the top 10 public health threats. There is a need to come up with better diagnostics and preventative measures so that regulation of infectious diseases becomes easy to manage and control in the future. Today it is imperative to come up with drugs that are effective as there are many strains which are now resistant to multiple drugs and have evolved rather quickly in a short span of time. Biopharma companies and healthcare organizations need to work in sync so as to come up with solutions that work for all.

Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) market has grown rapidly, increasing from $41.2 billion in 2017 to an anticipated $158.1 billion in 2022. Medical things includes medical devices, wearable monitors and apps that as the potential to increase clinical trial efficiency and improve our ability to support patients throughout the patient journey. The usage of such devices has increases significantly and will continue to rise in the future as they can be accessed and managed in real-time.

At ICON clients are encouraged to follow an integrated approach for the development of biosimilars that will help clients in deciding the suitable target molecule and coming up with a drug that can be developed to meet the commercial strategy without compromising the scientific integrity of the medicine. Our teams will guide you in designing, execution of clinical plans, including protocol development and collaboration with study teams to ensure on-time and high-quality outcomes for everyone.


Dr. Steve Cutler, CEO



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