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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Imagine Software - Redefining Change, Culture, and Careers in Health Care Technology

The adoption of new technology in the healthcare industry has historically been hesitant at best and incredibly delayed at worst, with both patients and doctors often favoring tradition over innovation. ImagineSoftware, a top supplier of revenue cycle management and medical billing automation software with its headquarters in Charlotte, is working to change this perception.

Challenges and change are nothing new to ImagineSoftware. Despite decades of continuous health care rules, most recently the No Surprises Act, and increasing calls for market pricing transparency, the firm, launched in 2000, has experienced fast development. “Every season, every challenge, is simply an opportunity for our team to excel, to recognize the increasing demand for improving accuracy, efficiency, and workflows,” says Sam Khashman, president and CEO of ImagineSoftware, in the statement. “We continue to grow and adapt, always remaining motivated and responsive, customer-focused, and open to new ideas.” “Yes, we are confronting a time of unprecedented change in health care during a time of larger national and global change. Technology in health care remains, as ever, a truly dynamic field, but no matter what is on the horizon, Imagine will continue to bring inspired people together to ensure we remain united and at the cutting edge. ” The first items that ImagineSoftware commercialized were systems for HCFA processing and insurance denial mitigation. The company had to create its physician enterprise billing system to take advantage of its core competencies and technologies in document imaging, workflow effectiveness, and process automation. These systems were coupled with existing practice management and physician back-office applications that were based on older technology.

Exchange EDI was recently acquired by ImagineSoftware. According to the announcement, the business is expanding “significantly,” and the purchase will further the company’s goal of providing clients with software solutions. In the statement, Khashman adds, “With our combined technology and the insights it provides, we are uniquely positioned to improve communication between providers and their patients. “Housing an abundant amount of healthcare data, patients depend on you to safeguard, it is crucial to use a data center you can trust. Rest easy using our fully HIPAA-compliant center, focused solely on the healthcare industry. Plus, leverage our Payment Card Industry (PCI), and Service Organization Control (SOC, Type I and Type II) certifications, as we adhere to industry standards and beyond.”

With a team that currently supports more than 43 specialties and 200+ million procedures, ImagineSoftware drives powerful technology solutions for medical billing offices, practices, and hospitals. These solutions improve financial efficiency, foster provider reputation, and ultimately improve the patient experience. Communication and openness are important pillars of the company, which has close to 200 workers working remotely around the nation and in three corporate offices. Intending to dismantle silos and foster accessibility across departments, the Imagine team efficiently interacts using video conferencing technologies, weekly company-wide huddles, biweekly department meetings, and semi-annual company-wide vision day events. By providing a wide range of perks and advantages, such as flexible work arrangements, wellness incentives, paid volunteer hours, maternity leave, tuition reimbursement, and more, employers show their appreciation for their staff members and encourage them to reach their full potential. ImagineSoftware demonstrates that culture and career go hand in hand for establishing and retaining employee happiness and lowering turnover with an above-average duration of six years, compared to the national average of roughly four years.

“Our clarity of purpose and sense of mission remains at the heart of our company culture,” says Khashman. “Although the data is important, it is just the starting point. It’s really about cultivating a company culture centered around servant leadership by celebrating differences, encouraging an inclusive atmosphere, and prioritizing efforts that strongly show our commitment to building a company with a variety of backgrounds, skills, and views. Innovation, motivation, accountability, genuine integrity, a no-excuses attitude, and excellence are the fundamental values that we follow every day to drive our progress. Over the past 22 years, we’ve worked to bring our culture and values to life — not just through what we do, but how and why we do it — for the betterment of our clients and employees, and to offer dynamic healthcare software solutions.”

Imagine Software

Sam Khashman, President and CEO


“Over the past 22 years, we’ve worked to bring our culture and values to life — not just through what we do, but how and why we do it — for the betterment of our clients, and employees, and to offer dynamic healthcare software solutions.”


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