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Friday, July 19, 2024

Inbox Health - Advancing Patient Communication Technology for Medical Billers

Over the last twenty years the number of Americans on high deductible health plans has risen dramatically, so much so, that patients now pay 30 percent of a typical medical bill out of pocket. At the same time, patient confusion and frustration with billing have grown rapidly. As a result, many balances go without payment for months, and more than half of balances aren’t paid at all. In recent decades, there have been technological advances in most other aspects of healthcare, without much attention given to how we communicate with patients about their costs.

The founding team of Inbox Health—an innovative patient communication platform for billing teams —  had seen this issue through their own experiences as healthcare consumers, but also saw it through the eyes of the medical billing companies they were working closely with, and decided to fix it. Blake Walker, Inbox Health’s CEO talks of a revolution in patient engagement technology used by billing companies to meet the ever changing needs of providers and patients, “Our mission is to help physicians and their billers better communicate cost to patients, resolve patient billing issues efficiently, and to give patients confidence to pay their bills.”

Today, Inbox Health is the leading patient communication platform for medical billing companies, leveraging data driven algorithms to personalize patient billing engagement, and giving billing teams a suite of tools to manage and resolve patient issues more efficiently. Their software integrates with leading practice management and billing softwares to provide a fully integrated experience. For patients, Inbox Health delivers a robust consumer billing experience that results in higher patient satisfaction, and increased collections. They make it effortless for billing companies to support payments across every channel, from Apple Pay, to IVR, or even automated lockbox payments as well as respond to any patient payment concern via a variety of communication methods like text messages, email, phone, or chat

The entire process is streamlined, increasing efficiency, patient payment collections, and in turn, increasing biller and physician revenues. “Our bills, whether the patient receives a text message, email, or paper statements are easy to understand with plain language. But critically, all of those mechanisms provide access to responsive billing support helping patients resolve issues quickly, while lowering the phone call volume billing teams receive” adds Simon Kaluza, Co-founder and CTO, Inbox Health.

In addition to streamlining the communication workflow for the billing teams (e.g. phone calls to explain insurance adjustments) and for the patient, Inbox Health also automates many of the manual processes related to patient payments like payment posting, check processing, bad address handling and more, freeing up manpower, and reducing errors from the billing process.

The founders of Inbox Health believe that the billing experience is a continuation of the healthcare experience, “Healthcare is about caring for people,” Walker said. “Legacy billing systems are designed to not care about our unique circumstances and just send a bill, and if you don’t pay, send you to collections. We disagree with that approach. Everyone is unique, and we need to be building billing systems that are very thoughtful about giving patients the treatment they deserve, from a billing standpoint and a care standpoint. That’s what we’re striving to do at Inbox Health.”

As they continue to grow the business, Walker says Inbox Health will stay focused on meeting the needs of patients, and providing the very best patient communication tools for the medical billing community. The team is working to turn a frustrating and opaque process into an intelligent, personalized experience. “We strive every day to create a better model for healthcare billing for all of us. We have chosen to focus our innovation on the needs of these billers to help bring about change across the tens of thousands of independent practitioners they serve, and their patients. We’re heavily investing in developing new products that continue to improve how billers can engage and support patients, before, during, and after their visit” Walker concludes.

“Our mission is to help physicians and their billers provide an easier and more convenient patient billing experience”

Inbox Health

Blake Walker
Co-founder & CEO

Simon Kaluza
Co-founder & CTO


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