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Friday, June 21, 2024

IQVIA - Accelerating Innovation for New Possibilities

Making the appropriate connections is crucial in today’s fast-changing healthcare environment. Healthcare systems may become more flexible, achieve faster results, and enhance patient outcomes by building intelligent linkages between their needs, IQVIA’s capabilities, and the healthcare ecosystem. The amount of information on human health is growing by the minute. Advanced analytics are becoming increasingly important to unlock previously hidden insights into the complexity of treating and preventing illness. Manufacturers, researchers, and even regulators are recognizing the significance of more relevant data on value and results. All of this is leading to a better knowledge of the human experience in healthcare. Today, IQVIA is a global leader in preserving the privacy of individual patients. The company employs a variety of privacy-enhancing technologies and safeguards to protect individual privacy while generating and analyzing data on a large scale to assist healthcare stakeholders in identifying disease patterns and correlating them to the precise treatment path and therapy required for better outcomes.

IQVIA is aiming to make that vision a reality—one in which individuals are certain that every healthcare decision they make is the best one for them. Here, links are formed not simply between data sets but also between people and ideas. Where analytic rigor meets creativity and flourishes. Where privacy is never compromised in the name of progress. Human Data Science, they believe, will help them get there. IQVIA is renowned as “The Human Data Science Company” because of this.Thousands of organizations around the world trust IQVIA to speed drug development, ensure product quality and safety, improve commercial effectiveness, get the right treatments to patients, improve access to and delivery of healthcare, and ultimately drive better health outcomes.

As IQVIA is uniquely positioned to gather, examine, de-identify, and secure the data that helps them answer questions about human health, IQVIA is the leader in human data science. They can connect this data with powerful analytics, transformation technologies, and domain expertise using the IQVIA CORETM. As a consequence, they’re better able to respond to queries, solve issues, and collaborate creatively with their customers and partners on how to advance healthcare. IQVIA is trusted by thousands of organizations across the world to accelerate drug development, assure product quality and safety, increase commercial effectiveness, bring the correct therapies to patients, improve healthcare access and delivery, and ultimately improve health outcomes. Through their Therapeutic Centers of Excellence, IQVIA combines a clinical program with strong scientific and medical knowledge, deep therapeutic insights, and unique clinical trial experience, allowing an organization to discover the most direct route from breakthrough research to novel therapeutics for patients.

Today’s healthcare environment is more specialized, competitive, and cost-conscious than it has ever been. To illustrate the benefits of goods and explain complicated healthcare choices, teams across the lifecycle require the proper evidence. Regulators, payers, prescribers, and patients are increasingly accepting of RWE use, opening up a new world of possibilities. IQVIA assists their customers in generating the appropriate RWE in order to address stakeholder demands with confidence and achieve tangible outcomes. Ari Bousbib, chairman and CEO of IQVIA, says, “Our teams are executing well operationally.” “We remain confident in our ability to deliver our growth targets for 2022 and beyond as the backdrop for the industry continues to be very strong, with our RFP dollar volume up 13 percent year-over-year.”

IQVIA recently cooperated with a developing biopharma business that needed to prepare for a large launch in a new therapeutic area owing to its wide range of products and solutions for improved healthcare. It also wanted to keep the momentum going on its blockbuster items when their exclusive period came to an end. IQVIA was chosen to lead the creation and deployment of a new field sales force centered on a single flagship product for the firm.

IQVIA integrates intelligence into end-user operations to deliver information when and where it’s most useful. By intelligently linking the relevant data, insights, and technology to promote smarter decision making, IQVIA can assist in speeding up the process from data to action. Their industry-leading data and analytics, innovative technologies, and global healthcare knowledge are all seamlessly connected by IQVIA Connected Intelligence, allowing the clients to respond to new opportunities and challenges with speed, agility, and confidence. Only IQVIA has the global size and knowledge to uncover previously unknown insights, make better choices, and accelerate the creation of new possibilities.


Ari Bousbib, chairman and CEO


“Our teams are executing well operationally. We remain confident in our ability to deliver our growth targets for 2022 and beyond as the backdrop for the industry continues to be very strong, with our RFP dollar volume up 13 percent year-over-year.”


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