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Friday, July 19, 2024

IQVIA - Automating Patient Engagement

Throughout the healthcare ecosystem, access to technology has dramatically altered the patient care landscape. Technological advancements have enabled better connectivity. This enhanced connectivity has changed the way we view the world and has paved the path for newer perspectives. Today, there is an impending need for solutions to connect providers with the people they serve much more quickly and easily. Iqvia is helping the world drive healthcare forward by creating intelligent connections with an expansive portfolio of capabilities and technologies, unparalleled data, and global healthcare expertise. Iqvia helps healthcare businesses put their patients first by connecting to them, understanding their needs, building long-term relationships, and supporting better outcomes.

Being a global leader in protecting individual patient privacy, Iqvia engages a wide range of privacy-enhancing technologies and safeguards to protect personal privacy while creating and analyzing data on a scale that helps healthcare stakeholders identify disease patterns and correlate with the precise treatment path and therapy needed for better outcomes. Iqvia’s insights and execution capabilities help biotech, medical device and pharmaceutical companies, medical researchers, government agencies, payers, and other healthcare stakeholders tap into a deeper understanding of diseases, human behaviors, and scientific advances to advance their path toward cures.

Iqvia’s innovative approach – the connected intelligence, brings together the unique portfolio of capabilities to create intelligent connections across unparalleled healthcare data, advanced analytics, innovative technologies, and healthcare expertise to speed the development and commercialization of innovative medicines that improve patient lives. Connected Intelligence in action includes connecting data, analytics, and services to accelerate the ongoing clinical research studies, deploying innovative technologies across the ongoing decentralized clinical trials, bringing together big data, advanced analytics, and healthcare expertise, accelerating drug discovery by creating intelligent connections, and linking real-world data and healthcare expertise to enable contact tracing to reveal novel disease insights.

The IQVIA Institute for Human Data Science contributes to the advancement of human health globally through timely research, insightful analysis and scientific expertise applied to granular non-identified patient-level data. The IQVIA Institute for Human Data Science delivers objective, relevant insights and research that accelerates our understanding of how health systems function, how treatment is evolving, and how care is being delivered. These insights are critical to sound decision making, and ultimately to improved human health outcomes. Though theCOVID-19 pandemic is having a deep and lasting impact on healthcare systems around the world, IQVIA is on full power. At the IQVIA Institute the team are using Human Data Science to develop a unique, evidence-based perspective on how the health system is reacting, and adapting.With access to IQVIA’s institutional knowledge, advanced analytics, technology and unparalleled data, the Institute works in tandem with a broad set of stakeholders, including government agencies, academic institutions, the life sciences industry, and payers.

With an employee strength of approximately 72,000, Iqvia conducts operations in more than 100 countries. Understanding the patient journey is critical for driving engagement and presents strategic opportunities for organizations, providers, and payers to engage with patients at the right time while providing value-based care and keeping costs low. By taking a deeper dive into the more complicated aspects of patient engagement, Iqvia has devised solutions that solve every challenge to effective patient engagement.

Recently, Iqvia announced that it had added new AI-powered technologies to enhance its existing Medical Information (MI) Contact Center services. “Adding new digital capabilities to our existing MI services marks a critical point in the industry as companies seek to balance the delivery of unbiased information to meet the needs of HCPs and patients,” says Annette Williams, vice president, Iqvia Lifecycle Safety. “Iqvia’s Medical Information services integrate across our Safety and Quality offerings, equipping clients with the end-to-end technology and services they need to increase trust, loyalty, and efficiencies for their patients,” she added.

Technology continues to augment and amplify consumers’ experiences in their everyday lives, from shopping to schooling to socializing. As a result, specialty brands face increasing expectations to synchronize the patient’s journey with the consumer’s non-healthcare journey. The world is counting on the healthcare industry for innovations and scientific breakthroughs to improve societal health. Iqvia, recognizing that the healthcare industry needs to increase agility and accelerate results, has made significant investments and commitment to the healthcare ecosystem and has the global scale and experience to deliver an entirely new approach to moving healthcare forward.

“Iqvia’s Medical Information services integrate across our Safety and Quality offerings, equipping clients with the end-to-end technology and services they need to increase trust, loyalty, and efficiencies for their patients.”



Annette Williams
Vice President


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