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Friday, June 21, 2024

Kindeva Drug Delivery - The Pioneers in Novel Inhalation Technologies

Kindeva was built on more than a century of scientific achievement, successfully moving from promise to patent more than 500 times, launching dozens of life-changing products with the commitment to solving the challenges that come its way during the process. At Kindeva, the company’s cross-functional, expert team has collectively seen and done it all—from feasibility to product registration, from clinical supplies to commercial-scale manufacturing. The team is passionate about sharing their unparalleled knowledge, dedication, and flexibility with businesses as they help move from promise to production. “We have the experience and the world-class lab talent to find creative solutions for taking your drug and developing a stable, viable formulation.”

An inventive spirit and tenacious problem-solving attitude have led to a long history of drug delivery firsts, including the first metered-dose inhaler and the first drug-in-adhesive patch. The company pair a deep understanding of device and drug quality systems requirements with pharmaceuticals manufacturing—making product a reality while being compliant. To ensure the client’s product meets global compliance standards, Kindeva’s commercial manufacturing process combines extensive knowledge of device and drug quality systems requirements with pharmaceuticals manufacturing expertise.

Today, Kindeva is the pioneers in novel inhalation technologies. The company’s past achievements help lay a strong foundation for partners’ programs, with a track record of industry firsts, from the first metered-dose inhaler (MDI) to developing tomorrow’s smart, connected inhalers. “We are here to help you bring to market a wide range of API types. The delivery of APIs to the lungs to treat diseases beyond respiratory ailments is an area we would love to help you explore. We can help you choose the right delivery system for your API as our delivery technologies include a range of IP-protected and generic inhalation devices.”

Supported by an expansive portfolio of device IP, Kindeva have led the field. Bolstered by predictive engineering and rapid prototyping capabilities, Kindeva strive to be on the cutting edge of novel inhalation device development. The company’s to-date developments include: metered-dose inhalers (MDIs), nasal MDIs, dry-powder inhalers (DPIs), soft-mist inhalers (SMIs), digital/connected devices, nebulizers, components (canisters, valves, dose counters), and application of novel coatings. The company’s team also have experience with tech transfers.

Kindeva’s Intradermal Drug Delivery platform provides elegant microneedle-based delivery devices customized to each partner’s brand with patient needs and therapeutic requirements at the forefront of each conception. “We believe wholeheartedly in being your true CDMO partner—our relationships with our customers are foundational, our expertise is verifiable, and our experts are unparalleled. We’re ready to navigate every detail, from design to quality to regulatory requirements, to put your crucial product into patients’ hands, safely and successfully.”

From early-phase feasibility to final design requirements and commercialization, Kindeva confidently meet the needs of challenging drug formulations. The company’s intradermal drug-delivery platforms are designed for accurate dosing and reliable microneedle-based delivery for commercial applications of biologics and small molecules. Whether molecule is liquid or solid, Kindeva can deliver it in a combination product customized for patients and brand. With sophisticated project management, rigorous quality processes, manufacturing excellence, and cGMP facilities, Kindeva supports a reliable supply chain for the program.

Today, Kindeva Drug Delivery is a leading provider of advanced drug delivery solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Founded in 2014, Kindeva is a global, privately held company with offices in the United States, United Kingdom, and Hong Kong. Kindeva’s mission is to bring innovative and advanced drug delivery solutions to market to improve patient health outcomes. In fact, Kindeva’s core solutions include inhalation and transdermal drug delivery technologies. These technologies are designed to optimize drug delivery and improve the safety and efficacy of drug products. Kindeva’s inhalation technology is designed to provide precise and consistent dosing, while their transdermal technology is designed to improve the delivery of large molecules and complex drugs through the skin.

In addition to its core solutions, Kindeva offers a range of drug delivery services, such as formulation development and device optimization. Kindeva also provides a variety of custom services to help its customers develop and optimize their drug delivery technology. Kindeva is committed to providing innovative and effective solutions to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Through its commitment to innovation and customer service, Kindeva has become a trusted partner in drug delivery.

Kindeva Drug Delivery

Aaron Mann, CEO


“We have the experience and the world-class lab talent to find creative solutions for taking your drug and developing a stable, viable formulation”


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