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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

LIMSABC - The Future Proof LIS

The global testing environment continues to grow based upon multiple drivers for test results demand. There are opportunities for new labs to harness a cloud data management tool. Meanwhile, there are also many opportunities for existing labs to retool their legacy infrastructure with regards to virtualized computing services. For instance, to replace server-based systems with cloud infrastructure and paid services such as data archiving, backup, and recovery. This is where organizations such as LIMSABC comes into the picture. LIMSABC enables pre-registering a patient through lab workflow to results with integration to billing partners to close the payment loop. LIMSABC provides all the virtual infrastructure as a service, along with all the software that a lab requires to manage its business, for a low monthly subscription cost. LIMSABC is a modern platform that future-proofs the enterprise requirements of laboratory data management in a flexible workflow friendly environment.

In a nutshell, LIMSABC is a cloud-based, flexible Laboratory Information Management Platform on which offers several turnkey solutions as a service for a monthly subscription. Solutions including but not limited to, Molecular PCR Analysis, NGS, PGx, Toxicology/Pain Management, Allergy/Immunoassay, Chemistry, Microbiology, Histology, Cytology, and most other diagnostics disciplines are all part of the company’s offerings. Unlike legacy LIMS that have been migrated to the cloud, LIMS has been designed from day one to take advantage of cloud-based capabilities. Things like unlimited, secure archive data mechanisms, the use of highly scalable compute engines and database appliances means that LIMSABC can get the greatest ROI within the shortest time.

The LIMSABC Patient and Physician Web Portal works seamlessly with the lab data module of LIMSABC. The Portal can also be bolted on to existing legacy LIS/LIMS to streamline their front door operations to bring patients and samples into the lab with greater efficiency. The LIMSABC portals are fully configurable and provide electronic requisitioning, client-specific panels, barcode printing, client-specific report viewing, printing, and downloading as well as

accessing historic patient tests and trends data. The solution is uniquely designed to bring patient closer to the labby providing self-registration and instant result reporting where appropriate. LIMSABC can create multiple final report formats for different clients and/or different panels/tests. “A flexible reporting tool means you can customize your own report templates as needed. This way, you can select your delivery method by client: fax, secure email, portal, and/or EMR/EHR integration. Moreover, the ability to quickly adjust the system to new workflows is critical to providing rapid scaling to our clients. This is a common experience for our Covid lab clients who had to react instantly to unprecedented growth challenges and regulatory demands,” explains Pete Tearle, CIO, LIMSABC.

Today, LIMSASBC has the most advanced technical solutions and flexible, scalable technology. What makes the company stand out from the crowd is its ability to offer outstanding professional services to ensure a clean client success. An instance that highlights the company’s value proposition is when the team assisted a client scale from 10k to 1M per month specimens in less than 12 months. To achieve this, increasing the compute scaling would have taken multiple months with traditional compute approaches, let alone the numerous significant changes in workflow, sometimes on a daily basis. This was achieved by engaging LIMSABC’s patient portal, mobile collection application and technical scaling of the infrastructure, along with a dedicated LIMSABC support team who are skilled in navigating new workflows within the system. The resultant output was millions of dollars in captured revenue per day.

Today, the company continues to drive towards complex emerging scenes such as PCR, NGS, FISH, Cytogenetics, etc. while the traditional LIMS tools struggle to accommodate these disciplines.  “LIMSABC’s unique modularized approach enables to easily create new and innovative building blocks for product solution,” points Tearle.

For labs to excel, it’s all about the data. For this reason, LIMSABC is adding a full analytics module to the solution soon. This will come with a full set of useful, cutting-edge insights but will also allow the client to add their own unique views. Meanwhile, LIMSABC continues to collaborate with innovative partners that require superior technology. “The speed at which labs need to adapt to the changing science and advancements in instrumentation as applied to the human condition, requires that your supporting tools can adapt along with you. Old school LIMS systems cannot. LIMSABC is on a mission to bring a new paradigm to this shift providing you a future proof solution,” concludes Tearle.



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