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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Lyra Therapeutics - Delivering Medicines Precisely and Consistently

As the healthcare systems are evolving, so is the need for more advanced drug delivery systems are. This is where Lyra Therapeutics comes into the picture. Lyra Therapeutics is a clinical-stage company developing medicines precisely designed to target ear, nose and throat (ENT) diseases. “Our goal is to transform the ENT treatment paradigm by providing effective solutions for physicians and new treatment options for their patients.”

Building on expertise in materials science, drug development and formulation, the Lyra team has developed a proprietary technology platform that is designed to precisely and consistently deliver medicines directly to the affected tissue for sustained periods with a single administration. The company’s initial product candidates, LYR-210 and LYR-220, are bioresorbable polymeric matrices designed to be administered in a brief, non-invasive, in-office procedure and intended to deliver up to six months of continuous drug therapy to the sinonasal passages for the treatment of chronic rhinosinusitis, or CRS. Lyra’s initial product candidates are focused on rhinologic diseases to provide medicine directly to sinonasal tissues that are not accessible with conventional therapeutic approaches. “Our lead product candidate, LYR-210, is in Phase 3 for chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS) patients with surgically naïve anatomy. Our second product candidate, LYR-220 is in Phase 2 for CRS patients with post-surgical anatomy. Lyra’s R&D pipeline also includes other ENT-related indications. Lyra has royalty-free, global rights to all product candidates across all indications.”

In a nutshell, Lyra Therapeutics is a biotechnology and healthcare company founded in 2016 by Dr. Robert W. Langer and two of his former students, Piyush Jain and Alexander Klibanov. The company is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts and focuses on developing therapies for difficult-to-treat diseases such as cancer, neurological disorders, and autoimmune diseases.

Like LYR-210, LYR-220 is an anti-inflammatory implantable drug matrix designed to elute mometasone furoate consistently and locally for up to six months from a single administration to the inflamed mucosal tissue. Designed for patients whose nasal cavity is enlarged due to sinus surgery, LYR-220 employs an oversized matrix. Surgical interventions do not address the underlying inflammation that is the hallmark of CRS and, as a result, symptoms often return within the first year following surgery in up to two-thirds of CRS patients.

Lyra Therapeutics is led by Dr. Robert W. Langer, a world-renowned scientist and inventor. Dr. Langer is a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and has received numerous awards, including the National Medal of Science, the Charles Stark Draper Prize, and the Wolf Prize in Medicine. He has also founded numerous start-ups, including Advanced Inhalation Therapeutics and Voyager Therapeutics.

Lyra Therapeutics is an advanced medical technology company dedicated to providing innovative solutions for the diagnosis and treatment of respiratory conditions. The company today is committed to revolutionizing the way people manage their respiratory health. The Lyra team has developed the XTre platform based on expertise in materials science, drug development and formulation. This proprietary technology platform is designed to enable sustained delivery of medications for many months of therapy, targeting tissues deep in the ENT passages and potentially other diseased tissues that are not accessible with conventional therapeutic approaches.

Lyra Therapeutics offers various products and services to help people with respiratory conditions. Their flagship product is the Lyra Digital Asthma Monitor, an innovative device that uses advanced sensors to monitor a patient’s breathing patterns. The monitor can detect early signs of asthma exacerbations, which can help patients avoid worsening symptoms and hospitalization. Lyra also offers the Lyra Home Air Quality Monitor, which helps monitor air quality in the home and provides patients with personalized air quality data.

In addition to their products, Lyra Therapeutics also provides services to help patients manage their respiratory health. Their Personalized Care Plans are designed to provide comprehensive support to patients and their caregivers. The plans include personalized guidance, educational resources, and advice on how to effectively manage respiratory health.

Lyra Therapeutics also offers digital tools to help patients monitor their condition and progress. Their mobile app, the Lyra Health Monitor, allows patients to track their symptoms and medication use and receive personalized recommendations from their healthcare team.

Lyra Therapeutics

Maria Palasis, CEO


“Our goal is to transform the ENT treatment paradigm by providing effective solutions for physicians and new treatment options for their patients.”


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