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Friday, July 19, 2024

Maxor National Pharmacy Services - The Gold Star Provider for Service, Compliance and Value

The complexity of effectively managing one or a network of pharmacies is increasingly challenging, in particular for 340B covered entities. Pharmacy compliance, payer contracting, drug purchasing optimization, and specialty patient management expertise are just a few topics that can keep leaders and clinical teams up at night. In this complex world, Maxor is uniquely positioned to support health centers and health systems across the entire spectrum of pharmacy outsourcing, 340B solutions, and employee pharmacy health. Maxor can serve clients’ needs across multiple business lines; the focus here is on our pharmacy management side of the house. “Compliance is at the heart of everything we do, and we are proud of our incredible track record,” begins Suzanne Hansen, Executive VP of Pharmacy Operations, Maxor National Pharmacy Services.

Maxor’s connected suite of 340B solutions and deep expertise in 340Bmanagement can truly be a differentiator and turn a pharmacy strategy from a cost center to a true profit center for clients, thereby allowing them to focus on the organization’s mission of providing care.

Maxor’s solution is completely turn-key: whether it is a new site built or outsourcing of existing pharmacy location, the company delivers full support from site design/build support to all technology and employee management to inventory and wholesaler relationships to payer contracting and even full accounting and finance support. 

Maxor provides a full suite of business lines so that its clients can partner with one vendor versus multiple. Moreover, the team addresses clients’ pain points and works with them to find unique solutions vs. a one size fits all management package. “Our solution is to partner with health clinics and to bring an integrated clinical team approach driving a better patient experience and outcomes while capturing more value for the on-site pharmacies. Our clients’ precious resources are allowed to focus on other strategic objectives being a partner of Maxor,” points Suzanne.

Today, the company has over 25 years of experience helping clients develop and optimize their pharmacy operations to drive patient outcomes, prescriber support, and profitability. At the core of the company’s success story are a team of experts that brings years of pharmacy operations, compliance, and partnership to the table in a unique way vs. the competition.

Over the years, Maxor has so many proud stories of the clients the team has helped. While explaining the company’s value proposition, Jennifer recalls an instance when the company assisted a client serving patients most in need in its metro area.  This client started with Maxor as a consulting client trying to determine how to drive value from its pharmacy strategy to support patient support.

Fast forward a decade later, and Maxor is supporting that client with multiple pharmacies, from outpatient to inpatient and central fill to specialty, connecting the benefits of these pharmacies to the employee pharmacy plan for that client and ultimately turning the pharmacy business unit from a loss-making endeavor to a multi-million profit center for this client.  “We are proud to continue supporting this client, and all of our clients, to help make its missions successful,” Suzanne adds.

What makes the company stand out today is the well-defined team that considers it a partner rather than a vendor to work uniquely with clients to provide solutions, from clinical outcomes, compliance, and clinical programs that drive improved financial performance and improved customer experience. Today, Maxor provides its solutions nationwide and continues to look for more partners to bring the expertise. The company is now able to bring a robust portfolio of 340B solutions, such as contract pharmacy management, referral capture, and complete program management, to clients, in addition to the full turn-key pharmacy management solutions. “Our capabilities and expertise allow a total one-stop solution to anyone looking for support in pharmacy management and 340B, not to mention employee pharmacy benefit services. We can truly ease the administrative burden and help drive value. Maxor also provides full PBM services, so we can provide solutions to our clients that cover all areas of pharmacy.  For our clients, we often see that employee health managed by a partner that isn’t aligned on the whole pharmacy approach doesn’t align incentives.

We truly care to bring full support that is aligned to our client’s vision and goals,” concludes Suzanne.

“Our solution is to partner with health clinics and to bring an integrated clinical team approach driving a better patient experience and outcomes while capturing more value for the on-site pharmacies”

Maxor National Pharmacy Services

Suzanne Hansen
Executive VP of Pharmacy Operations


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