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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Medable - Research for Every One and Every Bioscience

CIOs in the life sciences must provide high-value analytics solutions based on real-world data. Today’s sophisticated clinical trials need companies to gather, collate, and evaluate many sources of data to show the efficacy of their medicines. So, what is the ideal approach for businesses to manage and provide high-value insights from a variety of data sources? Medable is dedicated to addressing one of healthcare’s most persistent problems: access to clinical trials. Humans and science both inspire us. Medable opens research to everyone by employing platform technology, making the creation of medicines and therapies more inclusive. They’re dedicated to advancing research for everyone, regardless of biology.

Medable’s platform was created to address the systemic issues that plague current clinical trials, such as access, system compatibility, and wasteful and irritating technological experiences. Medable’s objective is to speed up the delivery of effective medicines to patients. In clinical trials, Medable provides an end-to-end, global cloud platform with a customizable suite of tools that enables sponsors, patients, providers, and CROs to collaborate as a team. Their products make clinical research more efficient, healthcare delivery more effective, and precision and predictive medicine more accurate. With a platform like Medable, designed by physicians, patient advocates, and technology professionals, one can make the trial process easier. Medable provides a seamless platform that is created from the ground up, not pieced together, to provide an intuitive experience for all trial stakeholders. With a seamless eClinical system, one may pick and select only the solutions they need, and they’ll get real-time data for monitoring, safety, and efficacy. Medable employs technology to remove typical hurdles to scientific research, such as geography, economic position, and research awareness.

The company’s digital and DCT screening products are designed to offer patients a simple, intuitive way to enroll and screen in studies while unlocking patient populations that were previously out of reach. It helps to collect dermatology images, diabetes blood tests, genetic tests, pain scores, GI questionnaires, and more to ensure that clinics have the right patients for studies.

Medable’s decentralized trial solutions assist the pharmaceutical business in increasing clinical development efficiency, expanding research to all people, and bringing more medications to market faster. Their platform is built to provide a human-centered and data-driven trial experience for everyone. It’s designed to address issues like access, system interoperability, and irritating technological experiences that plague current clinical trials. Medable aims to hasten human discoveries and medical breakthroughs. They are committed to promoting consumer empowerment and fostering innovation. They are proactive, collaborative, self-motivated learners who are dedicated, courageous, and persistent in their pursuits. Medable has made it its mission to make the world a healthier place. The company’s digital platform streamlines decentralized trials’ design, recruitment, retention, and data quality by replacing siloed systems with integrated digital tools, data, and interfaces to speed up trial execution. To enhance patient access, experience, and outcomes, Medable links patients, locations, and clinical trial teams. They dominate the market with a wide range of healthcare tools, including a decentralized trial platform, digital and DCT screening, eConsent, TeleVist, eCOA& ePRO, and remote patient monitoring.

Recently, a partnership brought together Medable’s software platform with CVS Health’s community reach and experienced MinuteClinic doctors to administer clinical trials in a way that increases patient access, engagement, and retention while also advancing research efficacy. Medable is a pioneer in the growing field of digital and hybrid clinical trials. Patients and physicians may connect regularly and enroll participants online, examine documents, sign consent forms, and report health status remotely via mobile applications and medical devices, thanks to technology. Medable’s software-as-a-service platform has been used in over 150 decentralized and hybrid clinical trials in 60 countries, serving over one million patients and research participants. Customers using Medable’s decentralized and hybrid trials have had excellent outcomes, including 200 percent faster enrollment, 90 percent retention rates, and 50 percent cost savings. Michelle Longmire, MD, CEO, and Co-Founder of Medable, extols that “We know now that when patients can access a clinical trial online, using telemedicine and remote consent, most clinical trials will enroll three times faster. That’s an incredible data point that we didn’t know before COVID-19. “

Their goal is to make research more accessible to the rest of the globe. Medable does so by utilizing a decentralized clinical trial infrastructure that has been shown to expedite the delivery of beneficial treatments to patients.


Michelle Longmire M.D


Co-Founder& CEO


"We know now that when patients are able to access a clinical trial online, using telemedicine and remote consent, most clinical trials will enrol three times faster. That’s an incredible data point that we didn’t know before COVID-19. "


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