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Friday, June 21, 2024

Medpace - Making Complex Clinical Development Seamless

Clinical development is more difficult and scientifically demanding than ever before. Successful clinical trials need knowledge, experience, and a well-coordinated team. Medpace, which operates on a full-service model, offers a therapeutically oriented, integrated, worldwide strategy that ensures seamless execution and high-quality outcomes. For smooth execution and high-quality outcomes, Medpace offers a therapeutically oriented, integrated, worldwide strategy. Medpace is putting medical, operational, and regulatory expertise into practice, utilizing proven KOL and site partnerships to help researchers succeed. Medpace is distinctive in that it approaches clinical research from a scientific standpoint. Throughout the design and execution of the trial, the Medpace approach provides early and continuous information and direction from therapeutic professionals. Their therapeutically oriented culture encourages cross-specialty collaboration to include different medical viewpoints and considerations. Medical, regulatory, and operational specialists with extensive therapeutic expertise lead all project teams, giving direction and avoiding potential hurdles by keeping close to the project throughout.

Working with a single vendor provides a simplified strategy for conducting even the most complicated global research due to the built-in collaboration and efficiency. Integrating key clinical trial services ensures a smooth and effective process. Medpace’s laboratory services include global central laboratories; bioanalytical laboratories; ECG core labs; imaging core labs; and a clinical pharmacology unit, all of which are completely integrated. Medpace, with resources all around the world, expertly navigates local languages, cultures, and processes to prevent delays and blunders, ensuring smooth execution in the difficult world of global clinical development. As a global CRO with operations in 41 countries, Medpace has extensive expertise in planning and executing Phase I–IV clinical trials across the world. Medpace provides the resources to progress medical therapy in any location, from feasibility through patient recruitment to study start-up. Medpace’s worldwide presence also means that their medical and operational professionals can provide speedier enrollment and get access to country-specific patient groups, while the regulatory experts can plan and manage every part of the regulatory strategy and engagement – locally and internationally.

Due to a full-service CRO model that coordinates and integrates all services for their clients, Medpace provides an accountable, seamless, integrated, and efficient platform for executing clinical research – increasing quality and speed while significantly reducing the need for duplicate management oversight. Due to their rigorous methods, site partnerships, and technology, Medpace can complete even the most difficult worldwide investigations. Biopharmaceutical sponsors are under increasing pressure to identify methods to improve the research process in order to manage escalating drug development costs. As a result, the design of early phase studies and their impact on forecasting late phase research outcomes is crucial. Early phase Medpace teams provide breakthroughs in translational medicine techniques – from bench to bedside strategies – ensuring early success. Medpace Early Phase uses many facets of translational medicine to facilitate the interaction between basic research and clinical medicine to design and conduct clinical trials including use of biomarker endpoints, bioanalytical methods, adaptive trial design and collaborative scientific teams over multiple disciplines. Medpace can generate relevant evidence through the design and execution of prospective and retrospective observational studies including registries, safety studies, and expanded access programs. In addition, Medpace also has the capability to conduct standalone or piggyback economic analyses, such as cost-minimization and cost-effectiveness analyses, budget impact modeling, and evaluation of health-related quality of life (QOL) and other patient-reported outcomes (PROs).

For startups, Medpace provides complete services, integrating comprehensive services to assure success. The approach is known as “bench to bedside” medicine, and it is the foundation for evidence-based practice and clinical recommendations. Translational research typically refers to the translation of non-human research findings from the laboratory and animal studies into therapies for patients in the field of drug discovery and development. Medpace Early Phase employs many aspects of translational medicine to facilitate the interaction between basic research and clinical medicine when designing and conducting clinical trials, such as biomarker endpoints, bioanalytical methods, adaptive trial design, and multidisciplinary collaborative scientific teams. Medpace’s services, capacities, and medical experience are virtually endless, including high-end clinical research for a better healthcare system.

It is Medpace, Inc. and its global affiliates’ aim to speed the development of safe and effective medical medicines across the world. Medpace conducts clinical studies on behalf of sponsors in order to fulfill this purpose. As a key connection, Medpace is a key connection, linking lifesaving advances in medicine and medical devices with the communities of people who rely on them as a clinical research organization (CRO).


August J. Troendle, Chairman and CEO


“Medpace is translating medical, operational and regulatory knowledge into execution while leveraging established KOL and site relationships to drive successful research.”


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