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Friday, July 19, 2024

MeMD - Adaptable Telehealth Solutions

The pressure to adopt telehealth solutions has been significantly increasing over the years. However, the health care costs across the industry have been increasing for consumers, driving them to make different choices in their care. A significant percentage of patients ask about alternative care or treatments because of costs. These challenges have spurred the tech and medical communities to think about telehealth as an alternative to traditional health care. One of the leading businesses in the telehealth space is MeMD— a company focused on providing exceptional care every day, one patient at a time. 

MeMD is a company that leverages the latest technologies and a highly skilled network of providers and therapists to treat the whole person, affordably and conveniently, from a computer, phone, or mobile device. “We’ve achieved incredible strides in making health care available to individuals and businesses around the country through our easy, affordable, and intuitive online platform,” says Dr. John Shufeldt, Founder and Chairman, MeMD.

Founded in 2010 by an ER physician and entrepreneur, MeMD originated as a telehealth company that aimed to provide individuals and businesses with on-demand, online care for common illnesses and injuries. The company’s mission is to provide healthcare virtually everywhere and aims to disrupt the healthcare space by delivering quick, affordable, and convenient access to medical care online, nationwide. Today, the company’s solutions are effective and consistent in providing first-in-class care to patients, while gaining a reputation for being a nimble and friendly company with which to partner – suddenly telehealth became mainstream. The company provides virtual care nationwide, leveraging the latest online technologies to deliver high-quality care 24/7/365 in a convenient and accessible manner.

MeMD is known for its technologically advanced platform, adaptability and high-quality care. Operated by a team of diverse, highly skilled professionals with proven track records in healthcare leadership, innovation, IT and operations, the company have staked a reputation as an industry innovator that provides businesses with the most flexible and user-friendly medical and teletherapy services available. MeMD also works with businesses to develop telehealth solutions that cut healthcare costs and give current and potential employees exclusive benefits, like virtual primary care. “we are committed to innovative health care delivery and bringing affordable, high-quality care to as many people as possible,” adds Shufeldt.

As COVID-19 is surging again nationwide, and public health experts predict the virus will increase exponentially in the coming months, MeMD is taking every initiative to tackle the rising challenges. Employers have made necessary accommodations to operate their businesses – like remote work arrangements, virtual meetings and social distancing – but they may be overlooking the pandemic’s devastating impact on employees’ mental health. To help them, MeMD launched Healthy Minds First, which gives businesses short-term access to virtual therapy, psychiatry and teen therapy, helping them address employees’ immediate mental health needs. Companies of all sizes and across all industries can sign up for Healthy Minds First. MeMD’s expedited implementation process ensures the program is operating in one to four days. From there, employees can schedule therapy, psychiatry, or teen therapy sessions in as few as 48 hours.

MeMD’s telehealth solutions are trusted by more than 30,000 corporate, institutional, and health plan partners nationwide. Recently, MeMD introduced a much-needed new service offering—telebehavioral healthcare. Using our advanced technology, we began delivering simplified and confidential therapy and telepsychiatry to people experiencing mental and emotional health concerns. Looking to the future, we plan to expand our reach by offering virtual primary care. To keep pace with the changing technology trends, the company continues to evolve and innovate, finding ways to further streamline the service and technology. Today, MeMD delivers medical and mental health visits to 5 million members nationwide over the computer, phone, or mobile device.

“We’ve achieved incredible strides in making health care available to individuals and businesses around the country through our easy, affordable and intuitive online platform”


Dr. John Shufeldt
Founder and Chairman


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