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Friday, June 21, 2024

Naphcare - Addressing the Needs of Public Healthcare

Naphcare addresses the issue of complexity in public healthcare and provides unique healthcare, technological, and administrative solutions for complex challenges in the disciplinary and judicial systems by collaborating with local, state, and federal government organizations. Naphcare is happy to have developed the first Proactive Care Model in the industry. They can provide the proper treatment to patients by bringing new services, comprehensive care, and cutting-edge technology to correctional healthcare. More onsite care and higher patient outcomes are the results of Naphcare’s Proactive Care Model. Naphcare places a premium on early detection of physical and mental health issues so that they can respond immediately and avoid health emergencies. Naphcare’s integrated approach to patient care guarantees that medical and mental health specialists work closely together to develop a treatment for the patient.

Naphcare’s in-house pharmacy, NaphCare Rx, is wholly dedicated to correctional facilities around the country. From electronic medicine orders and safe delivery to pharmacy consultation and review, NaphCare Rx pharmacists become an integrated, essential component of the clinical team owing to their operations management software and EHR, TechCare. NaphCare Rx also offers their partners buying discounts and cost savings. Patients and caretakers benefit from onsite dialysis since it eliminates the need for frequent journeys to a clinic or hospital. For correctional facilities, Naphcare staff and equip entire hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis units. Naphcare’s corporate nephrologist is accessible for telemedicine clinical consultations and patient contacts. Naphcare created STATCare to give onsite clinicians access to a centralized staff of Nurse Practitioners (NPs) who could help them with the hectic intake process. Naphcare’s centralized team of NPs, powered by TechCare, is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to take critical measures to stabilize patients and begin treatments within hours of booking.

Naphcare believes in the promise of MAT to enhance continuity of treatment for patients and minimize recidivism. They were among the first in the industry to provide in-jail MAT programs. To treat substance use disorders, MAT involves the use of medicines, counseling, and behavioral therapy. Naphcare collaborates closely with its partners to develop and implement tailored MAT programs, including program commencement and continuation. Naphcare has helped several of Naphcare’s customers acquire grant funds to grow and manage MAT programs.

TechCare was the first corrections-specific EHR created by correctional health specialists of Naphcare. TechCare is a complete medical operations solution that connects the clinical processes to patient needs following national standards while delivering real-time compliance monitoring and reporting. A team may spend more time with patients and less time on administrative tasks with TechCare. The rising need for court-ordered competence restoration in outpatient and correctional settings is met by Naphcare’s competency evaluation and treatment services and software solutions. Naphcare developed ForensicCARE, a software solution based on their extensive experience in correctional health, to efficiently manage the complex processes, resources, and communication required for a successful competency treatment program – ultimately reducing competency evaluation and treatment wait times. Naphcare created Coordify, a software solution to manage diversion programs with real-time communication between law enforcement and court systems, in response to the need to solve the recidivism epidemic and securely reduce jail populations. Coordify fosters information sharing among government agencies and community providers to guarantee continuity of patient care by aligning resources, reducing recidivism before it happens.

NaphCare has begun offering medical and mental health services at the Gwinnet County Jail in Georgia, the North Las Vegas Detention Center in Nevada, the Roanoke City Jail in Virginia, and the Rockdale County Jail in Georgia (Ga.). “Even amid a pandemic, our team is committed to providing community-standard medical and mental health care to our patients,” says NaphCare CEO Brad McLane. “Expanding our presence across the country means we can positively impact even more patients and communities at a time of even greater need.”

As Naphcare believes that the patient comes first, they work with organizations that share their mission-driven, proactive approach to correctional health care. They can identify physical and mental health difficulties as soon as a person is booked into jail using Naphcare’s Proactive Care Model, allowing the clinical experts to respond immediately and avert health catastrophes. “Our mission is centered on improving lives in an environment of respect,” McLane concludes. “We are grateful to our partners who collaborate closely with us to create a safe environment to positively impact our patients and ultimately support their healthy return to the community.” 


Brad MacLane, CEO


“Our mission is centered on improving lives in an environment of respect. We are grateful to our partners who collaborate closely with us to create a safe environment to positively impact our patients and ultimately support their healthy return to the community."


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