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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Omnitech Labs - Delivering Excellence in Laboratory Information Systems

The laboratory management industry has been piled up with several challenges including the lack of multilingual systems, long reports that lack user customization and failure to emphasize critical results, repetitive actions, compliance requirements and so on. This is where Omnitech Labs emerges as a Canadian trailblazer, boasting over four decades of innovation and resilience in an ever-evolving market. Established under the banner of Barrett Labs/3 Net Systems in California, USA, the LIS was initially known as Cortex. Making its debut with Omnitech Labs Inc. in 1994, the product now known today as OMNI-Lab, has emerged into a trusted, fully integrated LIS Suite.

Omnitech Labs’ journey is steeped in a commitment to innovation and technological excellence. The LIS underwent a transformation in 1994 and was re-engineered using Windows-based technology, laying the foundation for today’s fully integrated OMNI-Lab LIS Suite. Their ergonomically and user-friendly solution continues to deliver the most advanced productivity and efficiency in its category, standing as a testament to Omnitech’s dedication to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in the field.

The company distinguishes itself through the flexibility and unique features embedded in OMNI-Lab. The system boasts one of the best Orders management systems in the industry, concurrent multilingual support, allowing clients to work in their language of choice (English, French, Spanish, etc.), and the ability to customize system parameters to support even the most complex workflows. The fully customizable Unified Reports, featuring color flags for critical results and a concise 1-2 page format, contribute to the system’s efficiency and user-friendly experience.

Client testimonials echo the impact of OMNI-Lab’s flexibility and efficiency, while physicians highlight the positive impact of OMNI-Lab’s fully customizable report formats, enhancing their efficiency with color-coded flags for immediate attention and concise result reports.

Omnitech Labs’ commitment to excellence extends to strategic partnerships with complementary solutions in the industry. These collaborations include Analyzer Interface Middleware for bidirectional connection with any analyzer on the market, Quality Control Management solutions, and Quality, Compliance and Risk Management solutions. These partnerships enhance OMNI-Lab’s capabilities, offering clients a seamlessly integrated ecosystem.

As the global LIS landscape evolves, OMNI-Lab stays ahead by continuously meeting LIS compliance and regulation requirements. Recognized as a manufacturer of medical devices in Canada and the USA, Omnitech’s quality management system holds ISO 13485:2016 certification under the MDSAP program. OMNI-Lab incorporates extensive audit trailing capabilities, specimen tracking, and other functionalities to support organizations in meeting stringent audit requirements.

Over the years, Omnitech Labs has cultivated a diverse client base, spanning laboratories of all scales and sizes in both private and public sectors. This includes some of the largest private lab groups in Canada and extensive collaboration with large-scale veterinary laboratories. The ergonomically designed OMNI-Lab solution caters to the unique needs of each client, whether they are a small lab, a group of labs, or a large-scale hospital corporation.

Today, Omnitech envisions a future marked by global expansion. As their client base expands, its vision of sustained value and efficiency remains unwavering. In the fast-paced world of Laboratory Information Systems, Omnitech Labs stands as a beacon. With a legacy spanning over 40 years, their journey reflects a commitment to client-centric solutions, adaptability to technological advancements, and a continuous quest for excellence. As one of the longest-existing LIS’s on the market, OMNI-Lab continues to shape the future of clinical lab management, delivering unparalleled efficiency, productivity, and value to their clients. Mr. St-Jean concluded, “Year after year, we consistently invest a considerable portion of our revenues into the continuous evolution of our product. We continue to deliver the most advanced technology in its category, a unique state-of-the-art solution that is unequaled in this specialized market”.

Omnitech Labs

André St-Jean, President & CEO


“Our Orders module, interapplication navigation and lab interoperability help avoid useless clicks and repetitive data entry, thereby directly contributing to a considerable increase in lab productivity and representing substantial operational savings”


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