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Friday, June 21, 2024

ORCA Dental AI Combining Clinical Expertise with Machine Learning

Dental imagery interpretation and accurate treatment planning are some of the most crucial skills an oral health specialist must master. And yet, they remain to be some of the most difficult skills to develop, especially when much of the imagery isn’t clearly visible to the naked eye. This is precisely where ORCA Dental AI excels, providing a layer of information that is effortlessly accessible to practitioners. ORCA Dental AI provides dental practitioners of all disciplines with the tools they need to make a breakthrough in patient care. ORCA Dental AI’s management team holds extensive experience in the oral health field, along with AI and machine learning technologies and is led by an experienced board of entrepreneurs, veteran dental specialists, and dental imaging experts.

ORCA combines clinical expertise with machine learning and AI technologies to create diagnostic reports, treatment plan suggestions and smart clinical predictions that assist users across the entire dental value chain. Orthodontists, prosthodontists and periodontists can all benefit from the ORCA platform and the data it provides. Moreover, the AI creates automated imagery solutions for dental practitioners, including specialists like orthodontists and prosthodontists, in order to improve practices in the entire dental ecosystem and enable immediate and accurate scan analysis, real-time diagnostics and optimized treatment planning for patients.

According to various reports, more than one million dental patients suffer from dental implant failure, which often leads to further oral health concerns, such as damage to surrounding bone, nerves, sinus cavities and adjacent teeth. These treatment failures cause considerable patient frustration and anguish as well as huge financial losses for practitioners and insurance companies. To reduce the risk of many of these types of treatment failures, ORCA Dental AI brings automated and accurate solutions to implant providers and their patients. ORCA’s real-time algorithms are revolutionizing the dental industry through the delivery of precise anatomical information and on-point image diagnosis.

ORCA Dental AI offers the most advanced dental CBCT scan structure identification solution that utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies. It provides immediate and accurate cross-section reporting on CBCT imaging, helping facilitate the dental implant planning process. The team is dedicated to teaching computers how to automate dental diagnostic procedures by using deep learning and artificial intelligence to create unique dental algorithms that produce immediate reports for oral health providers around the globe.

ORCA currently provides solutions using AI technology to thousands of orthodontic and implantology practitioners worldwide. ORCA also provides services to dental software companies and dental imaging system providers, offering them data layers on CBCT, panoramics, cephalometrics and intraoral scans, among others. Moreover, ORCA’s AI-based algorithms are designed to enhance the quality of everyday dental care, adding practical value and instantly delivering comprehensive reports to partners and customers. “We are dedicated to continuously advancing the automation of radiological imagery diagnostics using machine learning and to providing more reliable treatment planning procedures across the various dental disciplines.”

Dental diagnostics is a challenging task for practitioners across the entire dental industry. The ability to accurately diagnose dental imaging greatly depends on dentists’ experience, attention and academic background. ORCA Dental AI’s decision-support system assists practitioners with diagnostic tasks, automatically detecting and highlighting clinical findings and facilitating faster and more accurate diagnoses. ORCA envisions a world where intelligent algorithms detect and classify such findings. Pointing out deviations from natural anatomy will allow providers to identify pathologies that might otherwise go overlooked during independent image analysis.

For over 20 years, ORCA has been investing in research and development to create highly sophisticated, market-leading machine learning and AI technologies for the dental marketplace. ORCA originally began as CephX, a superior provider of cloud-based cephalometric analysis services to global customers. Due to the success of CephX’s original algorithm and the realization that the entire dental industry is in need of such services, ORCA Dental AI was established, and CephX became the first leading brand. Today, ORCA’s solutions are used and trusted by thousands of dental practitioners worldwide as well as the leading manufacturers of dental imaging systems.

“We are dedicated to continuously advancing the automation of radiological imagery diagnostics using machine learning and to providing more reliable treatment planning procedures across the various dental disciplines”

ORCA Dental AI

Daniel Abraham
Founder & President


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