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Friday, July 19, 2024

PatientPoint - Enhance Doctor-Patient Interaction for Better Healthcare Management

Doctor-patient interaction is the most necessary process in the entire healthcare system. These days, it becomes a challenge to have proper interaction between medical experts and patients to effectively handle the treatment process. This is where PatientPoint created the benchmark. PatientPoint’s digital engagement solutions improve doctor-patient contact throughout the treatment process. PatientPoint is there to assist in delivering improved health outcomes, higher provider income, and a superior patient experience, from patient acquisition through in-office and hospital engagement to telemedicine and distant treatment. Through PatientPoint, a healthcare organization can create and implement a digital marketing plan that is suited to their online objectives, from online listing and reputation management to website optimization, lead creation, and automated patient acquisition.

At every stage of the stay, PatientPoint’s complete patient engagement platform offers relevant health education and the most critical messages. Extend the same degree of personalization to the patients outside the respective clinics. PatientPoint’s turnkey remote patient monitoring solution makes it simple to set up and manage a remote care program that is suited for practice and patient needs. PatientPoint provides an interesting, instructional experience in high-traffic areas of hospitals. To support an organization’s aims, digital screens by PatientPoint display tailored information from the hospital alongside award-winning health education and messaging. Allowing PatientPoint to manage the patient information materials will save a lot of time and money. Patients will have a better hospital stay if all the required documentation, crucial hospital information, and pertinent details are all available in one place, which can easily be done with PatientPoint. PatientPoint’s patient engagement tools may help veterans navigate their treatment and related facilities. PatientPoint CEO & Founder Mike Collette says, “We are a tech-enabled patient engagement company passionately committed to our mission of making every doctor-patient engagement better.”

It could Improveonline presence and acquire more patients. The solution is uniquely designed todevelop and execute a digital marketing strategy tailored to online goals: from online listing and reputation management to website optimization, lead generation and automated patient acquisition. The company also enables to gain new patient leads with highly targeted online display ads and social media advertising. PatientPoint’s lead generation service is HIPAA-compliant and focuses on the people who are searching for the services a company offer.

Infectious diseases, pediatrics, and urology are among the latest digital product offerings from PatientPoint, the patient interaction platform for every point of care. The industry leader’s foray into these specialties is a result of the industry’s growing R&D focus on speciality therapies, as well as the resulting necessity to influence patients under the care of these experts. More than one-third of the drugs approved in 2020 represent first-in-class medicines that treat diseases in ways we haven’t seen before, says Collette. “Our expansion into additional specialties will help more specialists engage with patients with complex or difficult-to-treat conditions across their entire path of treatment,” adds Collete. One out of every three scripts is written by a PatientPoint provider for most therapeutic areas, says Collette. We are committed to continuing to respond to the needs of our pharmaceutical industry partners who must reach patients in these critical specialties. Importantly, we are also growing closer to our ultimate goal of offering digital products that can make every doctor-patient engagement better in every medical specialty, “concludes Collete.

PatientPoint and the Epilepsy Foundation recently launched a new partnership to deliver seizure safety and epilepsy education and assistance to almost 3,500 neurologists throughout the country. In neurology offices across the United States, PatientPoint’s Wait-Time Communication Platform, Interact Exam Room Platform, and Provider Access Platform will contain Epilepsy Foundation content. PatientPoint will communicate vital seizure first aid information with patients and their families in neurology waiting rooms and exam rooms as part of the new relationship with the Epilepsy Foundation.

PatientPoint is the go-to resource for tech-enabled patient engagement solutions that improve the patient experience throughout the treatment process. Their products improve doctor-patient interactions and bring significant value to patients, providers, and payers. PatientPoint’s solutions affect around 750 million patient visits each year through our 150K unique healthcare provider connections, furthering our aim of improving every doctor-patient contact.


Mike Collette


Founder& CEO


“We are a tech-enabled patient engagement company passionately committed to our mission of making every doctor-patient engagement better."


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