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Friday, July 19, 2024

Subtle medical - Artificial Intelligence-Assisted Image Enhancement

A healthcare system focuses on providing effective patient care. This necessitates a significant amount of work as well as the use of technology. Subtle Medical creates vendor-agnostic software that improves picture quality on both standard and accelerated imaging protocols, allowing radiologists to provide faster treatment to their patients. Subtle Medical is a healthcare technology business that uses new deep learning technologies to improve medical imaging productivity and patient experience. Subtle Medical has created a set of software tools aimed at enhancing the acquisition portion of the medical imaging workflow. Their AI techniques are based on proprietary convolutional neural network models that have been trained on large paired datasets that encompass a variety of therapeutic indications, patient cohorts, vendors, and scanner types.

SubtleMR improves picture clarity for head MRI and lowers image noise for the whole body, including but not limited to the head, spine, neck, belly, pelvic, prostate, breast, and musculoskeletal areas. SubtlePET uses denoising to improve the picture quality of low-count PET tests that are completed in up to 25% of the original scan time. The artificial intelligence (AI)-powered solutions from Subtle Medical allow hospitals and imaging facilities to improve the picture quality of their expedited PET and MRI protocols. Subtle Medical stands apart from other AI startups focusing on computer-aided diagnosis because of our focus on enhancing picture capture and workflow efficiency. SubtleMR enables sites to acquire image sequences faster while maintaining superior diagnostic image quality. It applies two methods of image enhancement — denoising and super resolution — to improve the image quality of faster MRI scans. Moreover, SubtleMR is compatible with any brand or model MRI scanner and field strength with no change in workflow. It can be used to reduce image noise for the entire body, including but not limited to: Head, spine, neck, abdomen, pelvis, prostate, breast and musculoskeletal regions of the body, and is also used to increase image sharpness for head MRI.

SubtlePET is used by SubtlePET to increase picture quality from scans completed in 1/4 the time of the original scan, resulting in improved diagnostic image quality that is comparable to the ground truth image. The quality of accelerated scan techniques is improved by SubtlePET. Sites can get their patients in and out of the scanner faster with expedited scan timings, which is especially advantageous for youngsters under sedation or individuals who have a hard time staying still for lengthy periods of time. Patient discomfort, anxiety, and even pain are reduced when they spend less time in the scanner. The quality of accelerated scan techniques is improved by SubtlePET. Hospitals and imaging centers can scan more people per day on their current PET equipment thanks to quicker scan times, which decreases wait times, boosts PET capacity, and frees up time on the scanner for other applications like CT and cardiac PET. SubtlePET was created using proprietary deep learning algorithms to allow centers to quickly integrate the latest image enhancement technology without having to buy expensive PET scanners, thus prolonging the life of their current scanners.

SubtleMR allows sites to gather picture sequences more quickly while still retaining high diagnostic image quality. To improve the picture quality of speedier MRI scans, SubtleMRemploys two image enhancement techniques: denoising and super-resolution. SubtleMR integrates easily into the existing process. Within seconds, images are received from the scanner and analyzed by SubtleMR. PACS and/or other workstations get high-resolution pictures. With no changes to the process, SubtleMR works with any brand or model of MRI scanner and field strength.

Siemens Healthineers and Subtle Medical recently announced a collaboration to incorporate Subtle Medical’s SubtleMR image-enhancement software into Siemens Healthineers’ MRI equipment. SubtleMR will be implemented into Siemens Healthineers’ Open Recon reconstruction process. For the majority of MRI sequences, SubtleMR is meant to provide DL (deep learning) post-processing for denoising and enhanced sharpness.

Dr.Enhao Gong, Founder & CEO, Subtle Medical, says, “Our mission is to make medical imaging better, safer, and more comfortable for patients while creating new workflow efficiencies for hospitals and imaging centers.” Their objective is to reduce cost, imaging time, and radiation exposure while improving the quality, value, and accessibility of medical imaging. Subtle Medical aims to rebuild the radiology process using state-of-the-art proprietary deep learning AI algorithms to give quicker, safer, and smarter imaging exam solutions. Thus, Subtle Medical strives for better efficiency in the healthcare sector. 

Subtle medical

Dr.Enhao Gong


Founder & CEO



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