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Friday, July 19, 2024

Synaptive Medical - Redefining Medical Imaging

Surgical, imaging, and data challenges are common in the healthcare industry, and they can have a significant impact on patient outcomes. When it comes to medical imaging, the challenge is to capture high-quality images that provide a clear view of the area of interest. The use of advanced imaging modalities such as MRI, CT, and PET scans have helped to improve the quality of medical imaging. Whereas, Medical images and other patient data must be stored, shared, and accessed securely, while also being readily available to healthcare professionals when needed. This requires advanced software systems that can handle large volumes of data while maintaining data security and privacy. This is in addition to the fact that medical imaging equipment and procedures can be expensive, and healthcare systems must balance the need for high-quality imaging with the need to control costs and provide affordable care to patients. Addressing these challenges requires ongoing research and development, as well as collaboration between healthcare professionals, medical technology companies, and other stakeholders in the healthcare industry. This is where Synaptive Medical comes into the picture. Synaptive Medical is a Toronto-based medical device and technology company that collaborates with leading clinicians and healthcare systems to integrate revolutionary products and services that cross traditional barriers and information silos in and beyond the operating room. The company’s Synaptive’s BrightMatter™ solution includes surgical planning and navigation, robotic digital microscopy and informatics that gives clinicians the right information where and when they need it to ensure the best possible outcomes for their patients.

A Portfolio that Stands Out

Founded in 2012, the company is focused on developing and delivering advanced solutions for surgical and imaging needs of healthcare professionals. Their products are designed to enable better patient outcomes through improved visualization, automation, and connectivity in surgical and imaging workflows. Designed through interdisciplinary collaboration to support healthcare professionals and systems, the Synaptive Integrated Suite enables precision care through the synergy of high-quality information and cutting-edge automation at all stages of clinical intervention. “Patients are at the core of everything we do. By creating better workflows that support minimally invasive procedures through robotics and imaging, we enable healthcare professionals to improve patient outcomes. And by helping them see the brain and body in ways they never have before, they can even perform procedures that might otherwise be impossible.”

Synaptive Medical has developed an impressive portfolio of products that are used by healthcare professionals worldwide. These products include surgical robotic systems, advanced imaging solutions, and software platforms that help healthcare professionals in diagnosing and treating various medical conditions. One of the flagship products of Synaptive Medical is the Modus V™ robotic system. This robotic system is designed to assist surgeons during complex brain and spine surgeries. The Modus V™ system provides real-time intraoperative imaging and visualization, which helps surgeons to perform surgeries with more precision and accuracy. The system also includes a robotic arm that can hold and move surgical instruments, further increasing the precision of surgical procedures.

The company’s ImageDrive™ is a web-based artificial intelligence and machine-learning platform for users in the research sector. ImageDrive collects, organizes and shares data and digital images among research groups to optimize collaboration efforts while protecting data integrity. It connects with external applications to easily aggregate data, enabling sharing among research collaborators and secure peer review for clinical trials and research. The solution also uses customized automated HIPAA-compliant de-identification tools to formulaically de-identify subject data for research or clinical trials. While enabling collaboration and data sharing, it helps to control access to data through workgroups and user privileges to protect data integrity. It comes with customized tagging and classification systems that help find what the need faster. “Synaptive Medical’s solution provides a zero-footprint HTML5 image viewer, eliminating the need for researchers to use an external viewing program.”

A Comprehensive View of Patient Data

A key product in the Synaptive Medical portfolio is the BrightMatter platform. This platform provides advanced imaging solutions for neurosurgeons and neurologists. The platform includes an MRI scanner that can capture high-resolution images of the brain and spine, as well as software tools that help healthcare professionals to analyze and interpret these images. The BrightMatter platform can also integrate data from other imaging modalities such as CT and PET scans. The company’s Synapse™ platform is a software solution that provides healthcare professionals with a comprehensive view of patient data. The platform can integrate data from multiple sources, including electronic medical records, imaging data, and other clinical information. This integrated approach to data management enables healthcare professionals to make more informed decisions and provide better care for their patients.

In addition to their products, Synaptive Medical also offers a range of services to support healthcare professionals in the use of their technologies. These services include training, installation, and maintenance of their products. The company also provides customer support services to ensure that healthcare professionals have access to the help they need when using Synaptive Medical’s products. It has received several awards and recognitions for their innovative products and solutions. In 2021, the company was named one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies by Deloitte. This award recognizes companies that demonstrate excellence in business performance, innovation, and sustainable growth. Synaptive Medical has also been recognized by Fast Company as one of the most innovative companies in healthcare.

The company has established partnerships with several leading healthcare institutions around the world. These partnerships help to ensure that Synaptive Medical’s products are developed and tested in collaboration with some of the most respected healthcare professionals in the industry. The company has also established partnerships with other medical technology companies to develop and integrate complementary products and solutions. As a company, Synaptive Medical is one of the fastest growing technology company that is focused on developing innovative solutions for surgical and imaging needs of healthcare professionals. Their products are designed to improve patient outcomes through better visualization, automation, and connectivity. With a strong portfolio of products and services, as well as partnerships with leading healthcare institutions and medical technology companies, Synaptive Medical is well-positioned to continue to drive innovation in the healthcare industry.

Synaptive Medical

Cameron Piron, President


“Patients are at the core of everything we do. By creating better workflows that support minimally invasive procedures through robotics and imaging, we enable healthcare professionals to improve patient outcomes”


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