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Friday, July 19, 2024

Technical Resources International - Driving Clinical Research Innovation

As a cutting-edge Contract Research Organization Plus (CRO+), Technical Resources International, Inc. (TRI) successfully mitigates the challenges and risks of clinical trial execution and management before obstacles materialize by providing a unique, unified strategy of service areas—Clinical, Technology, and Communication Services—all supported and enhanced by the company’s dedicated Quality Assurance (QA) Services. “Our technical expertise, management experience, and operational framework provide the foundation for the award-winning work TRI performs, which has a significant, meaningful impact in communities at all levels—locally, nationally, and internationally,” points out Nora Lee, TRI President and CEO.

Since opening its doors in 1979, TRI has redefined the way CROs work. Today, TRI provides CRO+ services in over 90 countries. With a focus on offering clients transparent procedures, high-quality, reliable services, and accessible staff, TRI consistently achieves milestones and often exceeds expectations.

Transparency begins with implementing a robust Risk Management Plan (RMP). This plan outlines how TRI performs risk management activities throughout a project life cycle, including providing proven templates and standard practices for prioritizing, monitoring, resolving, and documenting risks while ensuring quality.

For every client TRI supports in bringing new products to market, TRI ensures quality deliverables are submitted on time, within budget, and in compliance with the client’s requirements as well as all other agency requirements. Covering a variety of therapeutic areas and drug, biologic, and device products, TRI supports observational as well as interventional Phase 1–4 clinical trials. To support all services and processes, the company uses a project-specific customized suite of highly integrated, best-in-class Information Technology (IT) systems to facilitate secure access to databases, operational materials, reports, and more.

What in part makes TRI stand out is its responsive design and optimized development, which they craft to create a matchless user experience. Using certified, secure Agile practices, TRI delivers better value faster with premier tools ensuring compliance in a regulated industry. With strategic planning, TRI creates communications programs that targeted audiences can relate to. “We specialize in recruiting and retaining research participants, as well as selecting metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to evaluate communication solutions effectively. Our Communication Solutions deliver multilevel event planning services and engaging designs by implementing marketing and outreach across all media,” explains Lee. 

Contributing further to TRI’s competitive advantage is a broad scope of QA Services, ranging from assisting clients in developing their own Quality Management programs for effective clinical research to verifying data accuracy to promoting a constant state of readiness for an external audit or regulatory inspection. Integral to all of TRI’s services is the company’s ability to mobilize resources and bring products to market rapidly. With robust and established Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), TRI accelerates activities to support urgent needs while maintaining the highest quality.

A key component in ensuring appropriate resources is TRI’s staffing plan, developed based on project requirements and experience. Within the clinical research industry, TRI’s reputation for excellence derives from the company’s highly skilled, experienced, and committed staff, and is demonstrated by TRI’s long history of re-awards and repeat business in general. Embracing a strategy of growing organically at a measured pace, TRI’s roadmap embodies creating a culture of excellence as well as a steady, supportive environment in which employees are motivated to achieve top organizational priorities.

Innovation is an important part of TRI culture, which promotes developing and validating novel solutions and processes. An example is the creation of SourceVu, a customized software system to support secure, efficient, quality remote monitoring of site source documents for clinical trials. TRI developed this technology to support clients during the global COVID-19 pandemic and overcome clinical research constraints. “We continuously analyze and evaluate our established high level of client service to maintain a continuous improvement process. We do this by carefully listening to and focusing on our clients’ current and future needs,” extols Lee.

As TRI continues to enhance its operations, always focusing on risk mitigation, transparency, and quality, it offers a team of experts who have experience providing training to clinical research professionals on Good Clinical Laboratory Practices (GCLP) and multiple Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA). “At TRI, we understand one size does not fit all. One of the most important elements of our culture is flexibility. We adapt our services and processes to best address each client’s needs,” concludes Lee.

“Our technical expertise, management experience, and operational framework provide the foundation for the award-winning work TRI performs, which has a significant, meaningful impact in communities at all levels”

Technical Resources International

Nora Lee
President & CEO


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