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Friday, June 21, 2024

Tenthpin – Life Science’s Most Trusted Advisor

One of the business outcomes of the Covid crisis has been a broader awakening and recognition into the incredible innovation, agility and speed in today’s pharma drug development capabilities. One area of major and in many ways transformative change has been in clinical trials. Some of the noted changes include entirely new drug modalities, more complex study protocols, an increase in the number of studies, studies being planned and executed faster, and a more competitive and less predictable patient enrollment environment. 

Couple that with more innovative means for conducting the trials such as adaptive, hybrid and even virtual studies and the landscape for clinical trials is irreversibly changing.  That is a big challenge for those planning and executing these trials. Fortunately for industry stakeholders we also are seeing new directions for how to better adapt and solve many of these challenges.

Beyond these more recent chnages it is clear that the future for clinical trials will see even further innovations, and with these the marketplace demands for agility, speed, and efficiency will increase as well. With a strong focus on delivering innovation to the life sciences industry and all its different segments including pharma, biotech, medical devices, animal health and clinical research, Tenthpin Management Consultants is focused on meeting these new challenges through working closely with the industry in new models of collaboration and superior innovation in delivering tomorrow’s solutions.  It is all predicated on the recognition that change will continue to occur and that the industry needs to be at the table together with their industry partners and software solution providers to enable currently needed capabilities and the means to further evolve to solve future unknown challenges. 

The Blend of Expertise and Passion

With their longstanding life sciences industry experience, passion for both client success and the innovative solutions they provide, Tenthpin Management Consultants represents a fresh perspective and approach to the pharma and biotech client base. Spearheaded by a group of five veterans who combined their deep industry and business experience with extensive technological know-how, Tenthpin is revolutionizing the life sciences industry and clinical trial landscape with its extensive solutions and services portfolio. The company works with pharma and biotech organizations as a neutral advisor and offers them unbiased, strategic ideas to approach their business challenges. “We help clients understand their business challenges and aid them in leveraging the right technology and strategy in clinical trials to stay ahead in the life sciences and clinical space,” says Michael Schmidt, co-founder, partner and board member of Tenthpin.

Integrated Approach

One example of Tenthpin’s innovative approach is in the managing of the clinical trial supply chain. Here the major changes being introduced in clinical trials challenges drug sponsor’s ability to manage clinical drug inventory efficiently all the way down into the clinical trial sites. The absence of a single source of truth that can be integrated with clinical trial supply management systems to serve as a planning base and support the end-to-end supply chain makes the task even more arduous. It was in response to these challenges that a novel approach for future software solutions was born: a co-innovation effort across pharma, industry service providers, and software companies to deliver the needed industry capabilities as part of an existing ERP platform combined with a cloud solution.  “Together with over 20 industry participating companies and SAP, Tenthpin is driving a co-innovation consortium across the pharma industry to build an integrated, next generation Clinical Trials Supply Management (CTSM) solution,” remarks Dan Silva who leads Tenthpin’s R&D practice.  The consortium, named NextGen CTSM is thinking big with the objective of moving the industry to the next level and beyond for end-to-end clinical trial supplies capabilities through co-innovation, standardization, and an eco-system approach to handle the various partner networks crucial in today’s global and complex environment.

These changes require life sciences companies to adopt more robust technology solutions which are also flexible to accommodating new designs in clinical trials.  As a result, the business value model for trial operations and the supply chain, both vital for drug development success, is being changed from one that valued consistency and accuracy per acceptable cost and time to one that wants to leverage innovation and technology to deliver the same high quality clinical results in less time and cost.

Leveraging Advanced Technology

One eye to the future and one eye on today:  amid all the changes, we still see challenges in what should be considered bedrock capabilities – for example real time visibility of inventory and status within the clinical trial remains elusive.  The typical reaction of procedural and periodic manual processes to stay in control of the study have become less and less effective.  Further complicating the situation, in many cases there are multiple ‘best of breed’ specialty solutions in place which coupled with the many 3rd party partners being leveraged makes end-to-end visibility particularly challenging across parties.  What the industry really desires is flexibility in how they operate per study with robust capabilities and visibility across the different options and this drives much of the work Tenthpin is doing today with their clients.

Tenthpin is also bullish on the use of both proven and advanced technologies to make a significant difference in their client’s clinical trials performance.  The ability to harness the technology with a future oriented vision is where they are distinct. Raghu Janapareddy who leads Tenthpin’s Global Life Sciences Innovation Center explains, “Technology is in a great spot right now. The pure innovation that has occurred over the last 5-10 years has given us technical capabilities beyond what was even predicted. And the industry has great uses for the technology from drug discovery and development to gaining more insights into diseases, treatments and other health measures often down to the individual patient level.” At Tenthpin client specific solution development is happening at a fast clip leveraging the infrastructure, toolsets, and leading talent attracted to the company’s industry reputation and vision.

A Culture of Innovation

Sustaining the innovative spark and collaborative client focused culture is a priority at Tenthpin.  The company is built for the future combining expertise and experience with a passion for the success of their clients. “Our expertise comes from two sources; our leadership’s longstanding commitment to the industry and the people we hire and retain who share the industry commitment and most often have 10+ years experience as consultants. We are all endlessly passionate about our clients and the work we do for them.  Over the years we have engaged with our clients on many vital and time sensitive efforts – and that gives us tremendous pride and confidence in our ability to do even more going forward,” adds Michael Schmidt.

Tenthpin, with its industry expertise and advanced technologies, has carved a niche for itself in the clinical trial space increasing its demand in the marketplace. The company has expanded its reach across the US, European, and Asian markets, and is anticipating greater growth globally in the months ahead. “We do not just offer operational expertise to clients, we give them a wholesome experience on their journey forward,” concludes Dan Silva.

“We help clients understand their business challenges and aid them in leveraging the right technology and strategy in clinical trials to stay ahead in the life sciences and clinical space”

 “We are all endlessly passionate about our clients and the work we do for them”


Michael Schmidt
Partner & Member of the Executive Board


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