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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

TOMI Environmental Solutions - Creating a Healthier World

Every day, healthcare facilities are faced with healthcare acquired infections (HAIs) and other resistant pathogens that not only pose a threat to the health and safety of patients staff and the community, but heavily impact hospital ratings, perception, and funding. These HAIs and resistant pathogens include everything from the most common to the most difficult-to-kill bacteria, viral, bacterial and fungal spores including C. diff and C. auris. This is where TOMI Environmental Solutions—a global bacteria decontamination and infectious disease control company is creating an impact. The company provides environmental solutions for indoor surface decontamination through the manufacturing, sales, and licensing of its SteraMist brand products that are EPA registered hydrogen peroxide-based product line for effective infection control. SteraMist is registered for use as a hospital-healthcare disinfectant with broad-spectrum efficacy, having been added to the EPA’s List K for proven efficacy against the dangerous pathogen of C. diff. We always validate our technology, solutions and treatments against Geobacillus stearothermophilus spores considered the gold standard for sterilization.

As life science laboratories need to rely on fast, consistent six-log kill decontamination while maintaining facility integrity and operations. SteraMist delivers the results they are looking for four times faster than any other disinfectant, with expansive compatibility with the most sensitive equipment and metals, including common grades of stainless steel. “Industries including laboratories as well as food safety is filed with complications. We have introduced a less intrusive disinfection process to save on time and labor. SteraMist has worked alongside the USDA to show the efficacy of SteraMist technology in a wide variety of harvest, production, and storage scenarios with exciting developments,” begins Dr. Halden Shane, CEO, TOMI Environmental Solutions.

The Naturally Powered Cleansing Agent

As the newest addition, commercial industries make up the widest array of facilities and use sites yet – from schools, police and fire houses, aviation, offices, and emergency services to transit vehicles, residential housing, and everything in between. SteraMist has a prominent history of response to outbreaks of COVID-19, EBOLA, MERS and Avian Influenza, making it particularly alluring to emergency services looking to treat vehicles and neutralize facilities as well. With that same endless potential, the company has also created the TOMI Service Network (TSN): a network of third-party businesses and individuals with a strong focus on restoration, remediation, forensics. Across the board, SteraMist has proven to kill 46-plus mold spores and all common and resistant pathogens and its unique science can be used in tandem with fire or water damage remediation to add that extra layer of protection when cleaning a facility. Some of our service providers make it a baseline service, while others add SteraMist service as a premium tier to deliver the highest quality possible. SteraMist replaces many outdated items in the professionals toolbox. SteraMist iHP is made possible by an all-natural scientific process that transforms patented low-percentage hydrogen peroxide, BIT Solution, into a powerful mist that destroys germs, spores, and viruses – not surfaces. “SteraMist is the very first EPA registered solution and technology combination. iHP technology sends a solution of only 7.8% hydrogen peroxide through a cold plasma arc to create hydroxyl radicals, a naturally powerful cleansing agent. We don’t rely on additives, concentration, or time. No bleach, quats, dyes, or scents – only a patented, carefully calibrated process. As a result, we prioritize high-log disinfection results while still safeguarding the surfaces and environment  you apply it to,” explains Shane.

Innovation and Beyond

SteraMist is the result of a DARPA development via a grant, and with TOMI’s commercialization, refined research, and rich history of pathogenic response – and the results speak for itself. Compared to competitors, the benefits of SteraMist are vast and have something to offer to every industry. The team take it further by subjecting its technology to constant testing both in the field and through extensive validation, continuously. In fact, the superiority of SteraMist compared to manual cleans and many competitors lies in the science. Each product is powered by iHP technology that can produce charged submicron to 3 micron sizes to enable SteraMist to completely envelope objects and provide a complete disinfection and decontamination. Many people mistakenly compare SteraMist to electrostatic sprayers that mismatch solution and equipment, douse surfaces in large droplets, and often leave harmful, corrosive residues.

Since opening its doors, TOMI has been a pioneer in delivering cutting-edge infection control solutions to its wide array of clientele. While the technology began with military applications at DARPA, TOMI company really began to solidify in 2013. In order to expand that reach, various application methods were prototyped, created, and refined to create our initial product line. “We then submitted the technology for rigorous third-party, our countries most secure BSL-3, BSL-4 labs and EPA testing centers, branching further out into the implementation of custom installations, IP rights, and steady geographic expansion. Along the way, we were given a grant to fight Ebola in Africa, deployed in the Middle-East to fight MERS, and proactively deployed worldwide to combat COVID-19,” adds Shane.

While explaining the value proposition of the company, Shane recalls an instance when TOMI assisted one of its clients deal with the challenges associated with infection control. The St. Francis Hospital implemented SteraMist into their protocols around seven years ago and consistently report that they’ve been able to keep C. difficle, MRSA, and HAI’s to an all-time minimum easier than ever. They’ve gone on record saying that SteraMist takes only ten minutes to use in an entire room, from closet to storage. Another is the San Diego Police Department. Having purchased a machine during the pandemic, they were struggling to keep cases down and officers on duty. Before reaching out to SteraMist, they poured thousands of dollars into monthly cleaning services that showed no worthwhile results. Afterwards, they saw instantaneous results on the pathogen and budget fronts. Whether it was forensic labs, data systems, or office cubicles, the company became their solution.

The Most Customized Infection Control Technique

TOMI handles progress and investment with a mix of market research and reactionary design. Above all, the team strive to make SteraMist a viable answer to endless industries. As a company, TOMI excel in customizing SteraMist to cutting-edge facilities and offering new mobile and scalable products that make iHP technology accessible to everyone across the globe without exception. “We aim to continue refining SteraMist as a brand and technology, discovering its potential in every industry, both nationally and internationally. This goal is within reach now, we are focused, and are forming valuable partnerships to achieve our goal, TOMI has been just as dynamic as the markets we aim for. Despite our stateside footprint, SteraMist has been implemented globally with partners in numerous countries to continue to grow geographically. We will always continue to strive and position TOMI’s SteraMist as a push of a button built-in disinfection/decontamination option to all building types,” concludes Shane.

TOMI Environmental Solutions

Dr. Halden Shane, CEO


“We have introduced a less intrusive disinfection process to save on time and labor. SteraMist has worked alongside the USDA to show the efficacy of SteraMist technology in a wide variety of harvest, production, and storage scenarios with exciting developments”


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