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Friday, July 19, 2024

3SHAPE: Innovatingfor Patient CareBeyond Dentistry

When it comes to the medical sector, dentistry is a field very focused on ways to deal with a patient’s physical pain while ensuring their dental wellbeing. Given this unique challenge at hand, it is no secret that kids across the globe  have at least one over-exaggerated story related to their dentist’s visit. Over two decades ago, 3Shapehas been at the forefront to rewrite this reality. Born out of the need to deliver superior patient care, 3Shape digitizes the global dentistry landscape with solutions that address the needs of both dentists and their patients. .

Sharing insights into the company’s latest innovation streak, 3Shape’s SVP Product Strategy, Rune Fisker said, “There’s no doubt that health monitoring is the next big thing, driven by smart watches.”The Denmark-based company takes this proactive approach to dentistry with its TRIOS®line of products. Being a technology company at its core, 3Shape’sofferings go beyond traditional standalone services. The company heavilyleverages industry trends includingdigitization, AI, 3D printing for solutions aimed at dental clinics and labs. With the unique combination of their flagship offering TRIOS Intraoral Scanner and TRIOS Patient Monitoring app, 3Shape allows users to compare latest dental scans with older records and identify miniscule changes/wear overtime. As Fisker puts it, “It’s all about connecting the dots, and getting those different dots to talk together, to build a powerful ecosystem.”With a 3Shape TRIOS intraoral scanner, dentists also get direct access to the widest range of partners for send-to-lab, 50+ orthodontic treatment providers, and profitable in-house production options.

In addition, the TRIOS intraoral scanners include several other industry-first featuresthat multiplies preventative care possibilities, all the way from diagnostics to treatment. Given the handy size of the TRIOS offerings, Fisker envisions a near future where real-time dental health will be accessible to the general public like a FitBit for the teeth.While allowing dentists to make the most out of their scanners, “3Shape is providing a rare opportunity to improve dental health– through diagnosis and comparison of scans overtime, and foreseeing problems much earlier,” he adds. Moreover, the TRIOSline of products has helped several dentists and medical professionals during the COVID-19 crisis. This was mainly due to their ability to scan, diagnose and treat patients without the typical involvement of medical personnel required in older procedures. Also, the ability of sharing files digitally has reduced the need of human contact, which is paramount to stopping the spread of this pandemic.

Redefiningpatient care and engagement, TRIOS MOVE+ allows dentists to display a screen for their patientsin difficult angles. The offering also includes leading-edge features including a LCD touchscreen with stylus touch pen, adjustable arm, and an in-built 1TB PC. This device not only enables patients to understand the details of a scan, but it also helps them picture their final results and ultimately, advance case acceptance. Additionally, the ease of sharing visual monitoring information with patients helps advance their understanding of their dental status and their need for a recommended treatment. Moreover, this also helps both patients and medical professionals validate and document progress through scanning and tracking.

While further explaining 3Shape’s capabilities in the dental space, Fisker highlighted a touching storyabout TRIOS’s impact on a patient’s life. A young man had met with a bike accident, which unfortunately caused physical damage to his teeth. Lucky for the patient, his dentist was a client of 3Shape, who had takenoral scans of the patient in his past visits.Given the scan’s precision and detail, “the dentist was able to restore the same smile back on the patient’s face,” says Fisker.

While 3Shape continues to develop and advance its dentistry-focused offerings, the company envisions its products to spread across medical facilities across the globe. The main goal in this case remains to save the patient’s money on preventative or restorative treatmentsthrough constant monitoring. Fisker also believes that in a decade from now, TRIOS will be able to offer a complete ecosystem of devices and software systemscatering to a patient’s end-to-end dental journey, which will ultimately help dentists make better treatment decisions.

“It’s all about connecting the dots, and getting those different dots to talk together, to build a powerful ecosystem”


Rune Fisker
SVP Product Strategy


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