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Friday, July 19, 2024

Transaction Data Systems - The Leader in Pharmacy Software and Services

Pharmacies are completely focused on patients and are devoted to serving them. Transaction Data Systems is committed to helping independent pharmacies succeed. For over 40 years, Transaction Data Systems has been focused on the growth of independent pharmacies. TDS delivers pharmacy management systems and creative technology solutions to the pharmacy business through its range of products and services, which includes Rx30, Computer-Rx, Enhanced Medication Services, and Pharm Assess. TDS blends community pharmacists’ expertise and experience with cutting-edge technology and important industry ties. Their technologies give critical insights and address gaps in treatment by tracing the whole patient journey. Payers and pharmaceutical firms can collaborate with TDS to enhance patient behavior, adherence, and results. TDS pharmacy solutions and platforms make it easier to engage pharmacists and have an impact on patients.

A pharmacy can make educated judgments and answer critical questions with a linked stream of data. TDS’s key KPIs guarantee that the pharmacy reaches the correct patient demographics with the right messages at the right time. TDS manages the program and delivers critical insights throughout the process, from campaign parameters to content assistance. TDS pharmacies help patients retain essential connections and trust. TDS offers tailored messages and information across relevant digital and pharmacy channels, as well as the outcomes of pharmaceutical treatments.

Improved medication adherence does not have a one-size-fits-all solution. To achieve meaningful adherence improvement, TDS offers patient-specific adherence solutions powered by smart analytics. Their solutions assist patients in overcoming hurdles, filling prescriptions, and increasing population adherence for the customer base. TDS provides full-service, CMS-compliant MTM services to help patients better manage their medications, control disease states, coordinate treatment, and save money on unnecessary healthcare expenses. More than ever, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services are focused on lowering readmissions. TDS is ahead of the curve, identifying transitions utilizing timely health information exchange (HIE) admission, discharge, and transfer (ADT) data. TDS provides patients with medication reconciliation and care coordination services essential for post-discharge success in the critical hours and days following discharge. TDS assists in the coordination of discharge plans and the reduction of hospital readmission rates by utilizing their extensive network of partners and pharmacies. TDS offers a variety of telehealth and in-pharmacy workflow solutions to help patients and programs achieve their objectives. Engagement of prescribers and patients improves health plan and pharmacy ratings on Star Ratings, HEDIS metrics, and other quality performance indicators. A broad product range and customized solutions are offered, ranging from in-home lab testing to filling important gaps in care.

TDS connects the pharmacy’s administration and point-of-sale systems, as well as business and clinical operations, and presents recognized pharmaceutical treatment management possibilities directly within the pharmacy’s software system. TDS pharmacies are paid when patients stay on therapy by completing in-workflow interventions, medication reviews, and medication synchronization. TDS offers recognized clinical care possibilities directly within the pharmacy’s software system, unlike other currently accessible clinical service income. When pharmacies execute interventions, medication reviews, and medication synchronization to enhance adherence, they gain more money. The compensation is similar to what PCPs earn in terms of copays, but pharmacy clinical care reimbursement does not come from patients and is significantly more difficult to obtain. TDS fills the gap by bringing pharmacists, physicians, health insurers, and pharma together to manage pharmaceutical management and enhance outcomes through paid clinical services that are easily integrated into the workflow. “TDS is in a unique position as the only end-to-end dispensing and clinical service platform with revenue-generating care opportunities for pharmacies,” states Jude Dieterman, CEO of Transaction Data Systems. “Our solutions provide actionable, coordinated care exclusively to our network of pharmacies to address interventions and improve adherence at the point-of-care.”

Because of its investment in leadership development and internal resources, TDS is able to stay focused on client satisfaction and enhance the quality of treatment. TDS connects the pharmacy management and point-of-sale systems to integrate business and clinical operations, offering recognized drug treatment management and clinical possibilities directly within the pharmacy’s software system.

Transaction Data Systems

Jude Dieterman, CEO


“Our solutions provide actionable, coordinated care exclusively to our network of pharmacies to address interventions and improve adherence at the point-of-care.”


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