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Friday, June 21, 2024

Our Magazines - 2023

Highlights :
athenahealth : Optimize RCM with Technology and Expertise
Aspirion: Reclaim Your Complex Reimbursement Effortlessly
CareCloud: Navigating the Changing Healthcare Landscape with Technological Evolution
FrontRunnerHC: Shortening the Long Road to Reimbursement Starts with the Right First Step
RevSpring: Enhanced Consumer Financial Experience with Revspring

Highlights :
Nanopharm: The Inhaled Drug Delivery Specialist
Absci : Revolutionizing Drug Management with Absci
Cyclica: Accelerating Drug Discovery and Development
Schott Pharma: Leading the Way in Innovative and Sustainable Pharmaceutical Solutions

Highlights :
Synaptive Medical: Redefining Medical Imaging
Deepcell: Opening New Possibilities for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Discoveries
DiA Imaging Analysis: Leading the Change to Help Transform Image Analysis
Gleamer: Revolutionizing Medical Imaging with Artificial Intelligence

Highlights :
Mednet : Flexible and Powerful Clinical Data Management
Adaptive Clinical Systems: A Flexible and Adaptive Approach to Clinical Trial Design
Advanced Clinical : Advanced Clinical's Innovative Solutions for the Future of Clinical Trials
ObvioHealth : AI Enabled Clinical Trial Management

Highlights :
L7 Informatics: Empowering Life Sciences While Reducing Operational Costs and Driving Efficiency
BioSistemika: Streamlining Laboratory Workflows with Custom Software Solutions
Labforward: Revolutionize your lab productivity with Labforward's innovative digital tools
NovoPath: Redefining Laboratory Information Systems
Ovation: Unlocking the Power of Genomic Data for Precision Medicine Development

Highlights :
TOMI Environmental Solutions: Creating a Healthier World
AseptiScope: Infection prevention made simple with AseptiScope
Blue Ocean Robotics: Diving into the Future of Robotics: Exploring the Innovations of Blue Ocean Robotics
OhmniLabs : Transforming the Future of Robotics

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